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INSIDE STUDIO – Sarah Star’s New Sounds


New music from Sarah Star…

It’s time to wake up!  Dance, play… get off you a#s>


Creepy rap, experimental funk.  Try it you’ll like it>


Another side of Sarah.

Tree Of Three Moons

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Sarah’s New star ;)

by on Dec.04, 2009, under APOCALYPTIC SPEW, MUSIC, UPDATES

Inside the studio with Sarah Star



Familiar eyes stair back at me In so many people I see, who are we, the second coming, here as many? Visitors from other shores? Genetically elevated eyes to see above the stars and into our own souls? Whatever, wherever, whenever… we are here.  We have no idea what we hold in our own hearts but we feel it there, pulsing to express to grow, to be more… to connect to the lost ones found in these glory years.  Our wandering is over… our becoming is at hand.


Sarah Star

In the Studio....

In the Studio....

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INSIDE STUDIO – Sarah Star’s new music

by on Nov.23, 2009, under APOCALYPTIC SPEW, UPDATES

Something new I’ve been working on… I’ll get back 2 ‘3’ at some point 😉

Reduced quality mp3 vs


Feel free to rip it; incomplete version.. soon to be complete! I’ll post lyrics if requested. Enjoy!

Sarah Star

Sarah Star

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1, 0, 2… we are the machine!

by on Jul.23, 2009, under APOCALYPTIC SPEW


Numbers continued…  WAKE UP!!!  It’s time.

We are the machine, the pure mathematics of the soul… we are individual programs running with the ability to become aware.. to choose to see, (enlightenment); choose to see what direction to move in.  We get feedback from the hologram, the shell surfacing us and we brows the periphery like web-spiders for information.  Others become complacent, stuck, anchored down by the learning and loops and walls and mostly the fear of the unknown, fear of failure.  The only thing that will save us now is to be comfortable in the moment, loosen the straps and safety belts… prepare to jump out and I recommend the sooner the better.   This wave will wash over you sooner or later, if it hasn’t already.

Why is it always darkest before the dawn??  Because this is the moment where light and dark meet. The contrast of extremes creates beauty.  Balance is in the perception of life… our perspective… the rainbow… this is the choice we have, how we choose to see.. then we choose to move. Triangulation of the soul, body, spirit, the trine nature is always present.  The trine nature, duplicated… is life!

Once we choose the middle, only neutrality is possible, mobility and evolution is lost.

The center, (1) is only a starting point, nothing gets accomplished, moved, acted out, expressed… in the middle.  The 1, (One) is the recognition of potential, the act of non-directional momentum, unharnessed energy.   As it expands, more and more exists… momentum without direction being chaos.. which by it’s very random nature, always eventually forms mathematically precise patterns; thereby, always knowing the “areas of freedom”; the circumference creates, or rather IS the 0, (Zero)… which is the foundation of all life and energy; the hologram; information or circumference of the whole.

There is no 1 without the zero, or zero without One… but we can see that the ‘One and Zero’ (via constant vibratory motion), begin to form repeats of patterns over and over again, creating a division of the whole, a layer within… yin yang, polarity, creating “Unity” rather than “Oneness”.  This Unity is balance… The Fractal begins.

A friend’s analogy is a sort of hour glass spinning through the cosmos… the sand playing its part on either side it finds itself on. Using that analogy; floating from one side to the other we’re engaged in the activity, with the mobility to move through and back to the other side.  When anything is in the middle, sticking inflexibly to one state or position, it is immobile, inflexible, stagnate… and so are we.

2, (TWO).. Awareness of SELF.

…is where separation and unity begin via. definition.  Action can be triangulated because three elements now exist… the 1, 0, and 2. 1 is the center focus, the beginning.. 0, the circumference or areas of freedom and 2 the first cell division which brings opportunity for unity rather than oneness…. It all comes down to action, one can not recognize the one unless it becomes 2.  One can only see self if we are looking out of self; without a mirror or division, self perception would not be possible.  Unity would not be possible… until division, movement, growth or expansion is NOT possible.

How hard we try to crawl back into each other, when what we always wanted was to stand side by side, hand in hand, having someone to curl up next to while we experience more of of the diversity and beauty of us.

Nothing can exist without it’s full dimensional qualities.  1-0-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1-0————  This adds another perspective to “All or nothing..” but it’s really all AND nothing.  Nothing can be first or last because it always is/was/will be.  One can not exist without the other, ever…. but time is the great organizer,  it shows us the information at the point of triangulation!

More to come on time…

Sweet dreams,

Sarah Star

Chicago Trip 2009 005

Leaving you with…

Moving closer to TIME:: Prequel, MMmm… sweet temptation.



Figure 1.1 illustrates how the universe is constructed of imbedded or nested layers of physical structure and dynamics. Molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of leptons, etc. These are not dimensions existing independent of each other but are intermingled together interpenetrating each other. The lower frequency dimensions or realms of existence are predicated on or effectuated by the higher frequency realms, dimensions, planes or levels. The finer levels are the building blocks of the lower realms. In other words there can be no molecules without atoms; no atoms without electrons; no electrons without photons; no photons without quarks, etc. The structure of these nested realms are held (Keely) to be indentical on all levels much like the imbeddedness of fractal math and images.

reference: e-brotherhood.htm

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1… (zero)

by on Jul.19, 2009, under APOCALYPTIC SPEW

Welcome To The first entry of Sarah Stars Journal

Apocalyptic Spew

“Wanna take a ride?”

Have Fun:


What is really going on, in space-time… reality?  Your reality is defined by your Perspective… the triangulation… the rainbow 😉 and how intimate that connection is!  How do you move you?

Resetting… we begin and end at the same place… so lets start here….

Chicago Trip 2009 049

Time magazine Hint

4 and 5



The whole, the everlasting, the only of all, the broadest point of perspective .. of reality, eating ones own tail. The cellular shell, circumference… the hologram of the all… the information, the mystery in a perfect state of revelation… always exists.  Time, timelessness..  Weight, weightlessness, all as pure… unconditional existence… and non-existence, duality contained,….the nature of movement within Phase Space… one movement effects all things,  the fractal nature… (more at another time)



One is the I, The first dimension, the one before and within all.  The one is the beginning, (which is also the end)… It is the first step in any direction, the laser precise clarity, the one calling, one love, one atom, the singular note, the cellular center or nucleus.  One is non-directional momentum….  (more at another time)

More info on 1 & (ZERO) at end of post


Free At Last

I’ll not know until the end.. and then I will still see ahead as there is no head in the last moment of physical awareness… the lost ones see the last moment and we wreck the lost souls in the blue room of management…. Alone -alone -alone in all things and always together… clarity is not a true statement, how can clarity be anything true and real? Fat lost dog… rolling down the street in the rat race of earths coming- of our coming of the lost who has always been here.

Michael.. the angel, lost a moment to gain it all.  He knew, he knows that more will be gained on the other side.  The moment gained in the lost… in the lost… in the lost lucidity of my mind reaching out to run and fall and fly into your abyss.  Consult your leaders and our angel will be here.  I knew that the last moment would be the perfect time… what is going on??  Who said that the moment was now? Was it us in our lost- last- long moment of lifetimes ago??? Where are we and how are we alive in the now and here of earths history?  How incredible that we are here now and wait… you’re eyes pierce me, you are inside all the moments of my, our life, you are… I am… we are… the last moment.


Fast- hard- real, yet rough to touch and painful to feel.  Free in a box of lies, we release the chain holding our heavy stone to roll and fall until it falls apart becoming particles of dust in the abyss of our lost moments of life.  Reality?  Really? You still believe that we can hold clear a still picture of truth??? We are in flux and movement- always riding waves and particles of dust… star dust breathing in, bathing in, loving in, being in the moment – the moment we predict is the moment we loose all ability to see true.  Relax, we’ve always been here being- breathing- knowing without knowing without knowing without knowing, we know.  Indestructible Christmas piñata… I’ve watched you burst open with songs of broken joy in the last, our moments of penance and prosperity.  Sing to us as we have always been… roll with us in our singular joy…  our solitude of tribal hauntings.  WE are the connection… the synergy of all, the eternal moment seized and finally freed in this, our peak of perfection in all its flaws.

Release me and we gain each other…. Release the world and the world is renewed becoming again… mother.

I’m out of my cage

Mention me in your moment of life, not life… the relapse of momentum is hard to take.  The number 13, the rolling of blasphemy’s whore into your waiting heart… innocence is true, it is real and it deserves reevaluation in this new day of death and life.  Speak to me in the blanket of our lost fever… the rumble of truth and untruth spoken with a word.  I know you saw me, I know you still want to see, but you are getting in the way of yourself… and I’m letting you as I always will.  No fear, we will come around again, we will BE again… love is never lost and we were the most that have ever been.  Have you forgotten me, or are you waiting as I am to follow a path paved in our breath over a millennia of moments which chain together as we always have… moment by moment by moment…  angel by angel, stone by stone-  there need not be an escape… we are freedom… together we are free, the ultimate freedom…. Connection without connection.  Speak to me-  I’m out of my cage.

Sunday June 28th, 3:57am

Sarah Star

~Ah, the end is always the beginning since I am my own destination.  We walk in our own path, so we might as well enjoy both the bliss and madness of our own brilliant game- while we learn again… how to play without effort or judgment…. The key, surrender and be.



WE are the connection… the synergy of all, the eternal moment seized and finally freed in this, our peak of perfection in all its flaws.


-The following has been extracted from-


VERSION 1.2 , November 2003 copyright (C) Milko Bogaard



The Seal of the O*M* is the the symbol of the Universal Pentacle, the Hexagram in a Circle, together with the equilateral Cross and the Hexagon. According to the O*M* it was designed by Saint-Martin as an explanation of the Universe. Here’s what Blitz’ manual has to say on its symbolism ;

Taken from “Ritual & Monitor of the O:::M::: ” , 1896

” God, the First Principle of the Universe, is represented by a Circle, Symbol of Eternity”.

“The action of Eternity, passing from latent power into Action, is symbolized by the mystic relation of the center to the circumference; by the radius projected six times around the Circle, which produces the Hexagon, emblemetical of the Six Periods of Creation”.

“The central point forms the Seventh Period, that of Rest”. (The Center has attracted the upper triangle and the lower triangle, both of which, reacting on one another, have manifested Life -L.C. de Saint-Martin from his book “on Numbers”)

“Let us remark that Nature, the Seal of Solomon (represented by the two triangles- one Ascending, One Descending, the currents of Involution and Evolution), does not reach God, but only the Creative Forces emanating from Him. From the center of the Universe to God Himself (Circle) the power of Man originates, uniting the effects of Divinity to the fatalism of Nature in the Unity of his Free Will, symbolized by the Cross, uniting the center of the Universe (Human Soul) to God Himself. This is the explanation of the most complete synthetic figure the genius of Man ever discovered. It explains all the mysteries of Nature, and is true as well in physics as in metaphysics; in natural sciences as in theology; it is the seal that unites Reason and Faith, Materialism and Spiritualism, Religion and Science” DISCOURSE OF THE ORATOR, 3TH DEGREE

The following explanation is taken from Saint-Martin’s book “on Numbers” ;

“The natural Circle has shaped itself in a different way from the geometrical circle. The center has attracted the upper triangle and the lower triangle, both of which, reacting on one another, have manifested Life.

It is then that the quadruple Man appeared. It would be impossible to find this quadruple priciple in the circle without tracing lost or superfluous lines, if we are limiting ourselves to the methods of mathematics.

Nature looses nothing: it coordinates all parts of its works, the one with the other. So, in the Circle regularly drawn by Nature, we can see the two triangles, uniting to determine the emancipation of Man in the Universe and Man’s place in relation to the divine center.

We can see [in the symbol of the Pantacle] that the Light receives Life only by the reflections surging from the opposition that the True receives from the False; that the Light receives it from the Darkness; and that Life, in matter, always depends upon both actions. We see that the fourfold Man embrases the six directions of the Universe, and that those [six] regions, being bound two by two [in the triangles], the power of Man operates within a triple fourfold in the location of his glory.

Here are manifested the laws of this superb knowledge, of which the Chineese have left us some traces, I mean the knowledge of the keou-kou. Man, by giving in to guilty incitations, has left the divine center, where he was originally placed; but even though he has left it, the center is still at its place, as it cannot be moved by any force at all. (Sedes tua in seculum seculi. Ps. 14:7)

So, since Man has left his glorious post, it is the Divinity that is ready to replace him and to operate for him, in the universe, that same Power of which he has been dispossessed by his mistake. But when the Divinity takes the place of Man, it is dressed in the same colors, and is attached to the material regions, where Man was originally established, as it is impossible to appear at the center of this circle without being placed at the midst of all those regions.

Here is what the study of the natural circle can reveal to the intelligent eye. The figure represented, although imperfect, can indicate the way.



with Seal

as used by the Martinist Order(s)* around the world

~ Après Papus le Martinisme est Mort ~

François Jollivet-Castelot (1874 -1937 )

Essai de Synthèse des Sciences Occultes



Note the tree of life in this design…

Read More:




Michael A. Amaral, MD, FACS


One of the great theoretical findings of modern physics is that time travel appears to be feasible under certain conditions (Halper, 7; Hawkins, 8). It is Einstein’s general theory of relativity that has brought time travel from the realm of pure science fiction to that of a theoretical possibility. Moreover, not one but several means of time travel have been discovered. Most involve strong gravitational fields that distort space and time. In the theory of general relativity, the three dimensions of space combine with the dimension of time to create a new entity, spacetime. Space and time are intimately related and cannot be separated from one another. Very massive objects distort the local space-time continuum, allowing time travel.

We will see that if time travel is feasible, then time periods must coexist and if this is so, then the past must be as indeterminate and variable as the future. If the past is variable rather than frozen, then why would the present follow only one history? If all those time periods do coexist, then, why is our perception of time limited only to the present? And finally, how could we use this new understanding to our advantage? Our new vantage point is obviously very different from the accepted notion that the past is frozen and that only the future is indeterminate. The various recent science fiction movies concerning time travel also attest to the firm belief that changing the past automatically changes the present. But first, we will briefly review the various means of time travel.

Traveling in Time….


Phase Space



We are the second coming….  He he…


~Listening to  Sweet Religion by Imogen Heap~

Sarah Stars Insane Metaphysical Physics Rant, (with a hint of sacred geometry):  DIARY post- 1 (ZERO) exposed

Phase Space







I don’t think that until now, I’ve been able to actualize the skill of loving any experience unconditionally…. at least to this capacity.  I feel at this moment as if I can, (on most levels) handle anything that comes… More-so, I KNOW it will be handled by whoever touches it, in the way it was always to be handled because from this perspective, time only exists as a means of organization… we are everywhere at once, non-liner, multidimensional beings with ability beyond our current knowing.  ((Imagine the past, future and present is altered with everything we do, see, say, and experience… sort of a quasi Phase Space nature, with holographic circumference or shell like an egg.  The surface shell acts as the area of choice in a fractal, or the parameters of freedom in phase space.  Adding the element of fractal mathematics brings you a picture of an all inclusive all connected and wholly effected universe who’s shell, surface or hologram and dimensions within, is infinitely repeating in the macro and microcosm always… an egg, within an egg, within an egg,…..))  Sacred geometry, alchemy, music/vibration, science, physics, religion, and all elements of the physical, emotional etc. is the data, the information given naturally to us to remember the code through awareness and recognition of the possibilities of life in all it’s facets.

It feels as if we’ve been training ourselves for this recognition… learning how to handle it, being trained to see in another way,  feel in a deeper way, experience life in a deeper and more expansive way… through new eyes… as ancient children coming to realize our potential.  Suddenly we are waking up to the connections and disconnections we have in the people around us.  The body is built to receive and send signals, a construct of perfection that has yet to have lived out it’s potential… chemical, physical, spiritual, emotional… all necessary elements to create the environment for balance.  All provided to triangulate a direction, the combination reaches this polarity and gently rolls back in as all space and time must.  In truth, we are always in the expanse and the micro of it all… from where we choose to see it is the key… only you can see from where you are… others see from where they are… never exactly the same rainbow.  We are now being given a choice to recognize that we are coming back together and that this love is reciprocal….
If we try to know the difference between the chemical, physical, emotional and spiritual elements of love, we loose perspective  ….balance
On a purely internal level there is no need to retract, deny or suppress what is naturally expressive and perfectly balanced in that expression.  In the right circumstances It is the external act that is the point of triangulation… once it is outside self… we become more of self, our areas of freedom expand and we can see further than we ever had before…. in this time 😉

Love is the answer, the sort of love that frees your mind and body and spirit to soar or scream… the kind of love that is all freeing and all engulfing, the kind of love that brings a peaceful excitement to every moment of your life, the kind that empowers you to walk into and through your feelings and not away from them… it is non judgment at it’s core… being able to love an experience in the moment without the fear of loosing the moment… loving so deeply that from this perspective, any pain is used for release, respected, then transformed by an ongoing knowing of forgiveness…. this must be what Grace is like.

We’re being renewed, reset in cycles and every experience is different than the one before, every day is different than the day before… sometimes even moment by moment my perspective shifts within itself and I feel deeper, know deeper… perceive another unexpected angle… and I laugh, or cry… however it strikes me.  but it still somehow always amazes me how new the world looks every day and how I’m getting comfortable within this constant change.  My “parameters of freedom” keep reveling more… never have I seen so much…. or felt so deeply.  I’ve found balance within myself.. and it’s not the middle… the middle is not where you’ll find balance in most situations; Action creates balance… motion, movement toward and through the experience with eyes wide open.. flexibility… mobility.

We’re all being given the opportunity to use what is revealed to us… The only way to see is to open your eyes… look for the things and people around you that connect, know there is purpose in every moment and we move within this purpose created by us in the timelessness of all creation.    Mmmmm…. comforting isn’t it.

From the recognition of the whole, (Zero) we become aware of the ego or singular, (One) which through recognition, (soon to come) a direction triangulates and action, (One) has direction.



The whole, the everlasting, the only of all, the broadest point of perspective .. of reality, eating ones own tail. The cellular shell, circumference… the hologram of the all… the information, the mystery in a perfect state of revelation… always exists.  Time, timelessness..  Weight, weightlessness, all as pure… unconditional existence… and non-existence, duality contained,….the nature of movement within Phase Space… one movement effects all things,  the fractal nature… (more at another time)



One is the I, The first dimension, the one before and within all.  The one is the beginning, (which is also the end)… It is the first step in any direction, the laser precise clarity, the one calling, one love, one atom, the singular note, the cellular center or nucleus.  One is non-directional momentum….  (more at another time)

Hum, welcome to my brain spewing a bit of the apocalypse from the other side…  We’ll see how you take it.

“I used to live in a Charles Sinclair house used by a masonic lodge.  My bedroom was the blue room…. Maybe that’s where it all started… He.. he.. he…”

Thanks for perusing my random wanderings…. but of course, it’s not at all random.

😉  Sarah Star

Chicago Trip 2009 019


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