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Tinnitus or Whistling Ears

by on Jul.01, 2017, under POETRY | LYRICS

The wind is rushing around and we are carried along on two wheels. Hard to hear any audible sound due to the whooshing sound in our ears. I try to give direction but the words are lost in the deafening breeze. They drift away and begin to mingle amongst the leaves on the trees. A beautiful day in May turned sour by a misunderstanding – not once but twice. At the time I blamed it on the wind but it seems there were underlying things I couldn’t see. Tensions mount as you turn about to follow me trying to bark your disdain into my ear but nature won’t let you through. My dislike with the situation grows and soon I’m as angry as the wind. I command you to be silent as if I have some sort of control over you. I can’t tell you what to do any more than I can the wind. Neither one of you listen. I move ahead – go faster trying to escape the incessant howl.

We finally reach our destination and duck inside finally escaping the blustering air but your brash whining only escalates. I just can’t get away so I storm back outside with only the sound of the natural world at my side. I gather my senses and try to settle down. How did such a wonderful and peaceful day go so awry? After a few minutes of self reflection it’s time to go back inside and apologize. We talk and seemingly work things out but I’m unaware of the pressure that is building underneath. Believing we are okay we part ways. If only I could have seen. If only I’d heard what the wind was telling me.

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by on Mar.16, 2016, under POETRY | LYRICS

Constantly captured and compressed. Packed down for redirect. Funneled through a tunnel at high speeds. Flickering in a strobing pattern to the beat. Turn it up. Make it louder. Listen to the ticking of that bomb. All that liquid cooled aggression bubbling up. Core temperature rising. A seizure is imminent Turn on all the fans. Try to condition the air. Reverse the polarity. Turn it on and off again. Total restart. Time for reboot. All shiny and new. All complete and inside of you.

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by on Mar.16, 2016, under POETRY | LYRICS

More emotional than ever before. No filters. All broke. The walls were smashed down long ago. So vulnerable. So exposed. So tender. Flinching at the slightest threat. No fight left in me.

I want to trust and be trusted. No more fear. I want to know someone will be there when I fall. Reciprocal.

So many different people with so many different agendas. How do we ever get anything done? So much manipulation. So much apathy. So much regret. So many emotions. So much human behavior.

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by on Mar.16, 2016, under POETRY | LYRICS

A constant drive to survive. The incessant push to stay alive. Drilled into me when I was a child. Mom always said I knew how to survive. But to put so much attention on staying one step ahead of death – it takes a toll. Forever climbing up that endless hill.

I’ve lost touch. I think I’ve lost my way. Always pulled in different directions. So much tension. So much misunderstanding. Why can’t people just say what is on their mind? Why must everyone keep so much buried deep inside?

Nothing solved by silence. Sound cancels out in the center of the room. My heart has become silent because of you. No more pitter pat. No more heavy footsteps to be heard.

The young seek those with similar interest. Like the movies – music – sports – etcetera…
Not realizing there needs to be a deeper connection. A connection on a spiritual level.

I have come to rely on material things.

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by on Mar.16, 2016, under POETRY | LYRICS

Music used to be so fierce
So tough
But now it’s mostly fluff

Lyrics were filled with meaning
Stocked with rage
In this time of pseudo peace
They’re mostly lame

Some whiney bitch singing
About nonsensical things
Makes us all miss our angry youth

What happened to the message?
About shaking things up?
About making change?

Seems like we’re just drifting
All along for the ride
Just jump inside

Revolution after revolution after the same
Maybe this is all made up in my brain
But there’s no intense stimulation
Just songs about nonsense
That go mostly nowhere
That all end up the same

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Steal a TARDIS

by on Jul.01, 2015, under POETRY | LYRICS



I can live without her

Six years of living a lie

Steal myself a TARDIS

Travel back in time

Build a paradox machine

And relive those lost days

Take back all the time

That she took away

The Master of my destiny

She took that away from me

Made me human

That I cannot forgive

The superior alien race

Until the very end

Remove memories of her

With laser precision

Decimate the thoughts of her

With great intention


Her paltry understanding of physics

Brain numbing banter on mentality

I refuse to dwell there anymore

I’m capable of so much more

Those that love me will worship me

Those that don’t will learn to fear me

For the narcissist will resurface again


And I will see to this world’s ultimate end.

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by on Jun.30, 2015, under POETRY | LYRICS



Conceal the truth

but it’s still a lie

Hide your true feelings deep inside

I now realize love is truly blind

Because I never saw a thing.

All along you were playing me

and I was too in love to truly see

That I was wasting my breath

Wasting my time

Wasting my life!

When you’re too close

Sometimes that’s when it’s hardest to see.

You care too much to believe they’d do you harm

but all along they’re fucking you

You have no idea of the things they do when they are gone.

Now it’s truly over.

It’s all truly over.

And I wonder if I’m just paranoid.

I’m just a little bit obsessed

and I’ve been a bit depressed

But I’m picking up these pieces one by one.

And I wonder what kind of man I will be

Now that you’ve taken this huge piece of me


How long until I learn to trust again?

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Musing Moon

by on Jun.30, 2015, under POETRY | LYRICS


Separated by distance

Deep in the night

And the moon looks so bright

A half moon covered by clouds

Blocking certain memories out

I wonder if you remember the things that I do

Caught up in my mind

In stanza and rhyme

I’ll never forget the moments we shared

I wrote them all down

So they wouldn’t drown

In the seas of my malcontent

The circle must not be broken

They cycle must stay the same

For the universe must maintain

And it is here we must remain

But I’m looking for the message

Desperately digging through the ruins

Trying to find meaning

And realizing it’s probably right in front of me

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Get great Novachild music and help a family in need

by on Dec.12, 2013, under MUSIC

Our friend Bruce Rich of the musical group Novachild is trying to raise some much needed money online to support his family in a crisis situation.

Help A Needy Family, Get ALL My Tunz


Help an immensely talented fellow musician get back on his feet during these financially difficult times by buying some of his music at a hugely discounted price. Bruce Rich aka Novachild is offering up a huge collection of music for a small price and not only will you get a wonderful listening experience but you’ll also help a family in need.

Bruce says: “Once upon a time, I was a budding CIO for a small biotech company. Ultimately, however, the position proved to be a bad marriage of business partners and I came home every day feeling toxic. I decided to change this. I got out of it, and researching career changes, I felt that trucking would be a good fit for me.

Little Did I Know that the first year of trucking equates to making a McDonald’s fry cook salary. The companies advertise big numbers, but I’m not coming close to making what they promise in their flashy marketing literature. But now I’m stuck in a 1-year contract that I can’t afford to pay off.

The result of all this is simple: we’ve not been able to keep up on bills, so I’ve been advised to file bankruptcy – losing our house and car in the process and relocating my family elsewhere. While I am an Over The Road truck driver, due to some intense family emergencies that I am unwilling to divulge for deeply personal reasons, I am unable to return to my truck, so I’m not making any money until these situations are resolved.

I’m trying to raise enough money to pay attorney fees for our case, keep the lights on at home, and repair an ancient Geo Metro for roadworthiness. Once some of these things start falling into place, I can return to work and get things going again for our family.



For every donation of $30 or more, I offer my entire available collection ofNovachild recordings composed over the past fifteen years, including a great deal of unreleased material. This represents, for me, an unfathomable amount of time writing, recording, engineering and learning. From the earliest (dare I call them) primitive, experimental recordings in a derelict bungalow using cheap stereo speakers and headphones…. to the most recent recordings that I’ve not even ‘album-ified’ produced in the Fractal Factory Studio (and FFS Mobile – my truck), you’ll get everything that managed to survive the great multiple hard drive crash of 2011.

Songs are available in multiple formats, including lossless formats for the fidelity geeks out there.

Everyone will receive undying gratitude from my beautiful family and I.

And if you don’t want the music, just give the download code I provide you to someone who may appreciate it.

Lastly, if you’re as broke as I am, I totally get it. Since you’re reading this now, I’m certain you’d like to help, so please share this campaign on your Facebook status for others to see. Eventually I hope to reach enough kind souls to meet my goal.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Best Regards,
Bruce Rich”

Thanks for helping our fellow independent musicians and artists.

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