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Brian is Voice in New Zombie Video Game


Do you like Zombie Video games? Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance will be the voice of BASE – a commanding military voice heard barking orders through the crackling radio carried by a United States marine soldier. Could this BASE be the cause of this zombie outbreak? What do they know that they aren’t telling us? To find out – CLICK HERE to witness the development of this New and Exciting First Person Shooter Zombie Kill Fest!

I Shall Remain logo

Infection, and self-replication. The two ambitions of a virus that removed the very idea of safety from violence from the human experience. Each force of resistance it encountered was devoured. As the infection spread to the very last bastion of civilization, the people who faced certain infection carefully carved their stories into the cement walls of the desolate buildings around them. Proof that they once existed. But then, there were cries to push on. A handful of men and women the nation once sent away and baptized in the horrors of world war stand tall. They urge the fight to continue on. Is this madness, or will this be our salvation?

CLICK HERE if you don’t see a Kick Ass Zombie Video Game demo above.

I Shall Remain is a bird’s eye view RPG that allows you to control the journey of a Marine who has awoken in a city infected by the Z0M-31 virus. Memory impairing head trauma requires him to slowly relearn who he was. When he comes to and realizes who he is, his peers are more convinced that people like him are man’s greatest weapon against certain extinction. Navigate the Marine through the city, organize teams of survivors and equip them to fight, plow through the crowds of zombies with lead, vehicles and explosives. The careful and calculated execution of this just might allow you to survive.

It was great fun working with the team behind I Shall Remain and we have no doubt this video game is going to be amazing.

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Scientists discover the Tech Messiah link to Apple computers


Scientists have accidentally unearthed the Tech Messiah plot and they don’t even know they did it. To read about the Tech Messiah story CLICK HERE.

cult_of_mac Mind Control

Is it possible that Apple computers could be involved in the Tech Messiah takeover? A recent discovery by British neuroscientists certainly seems to verify such suspicions. Having performed a brain scan on an Apple zealot, these neuroscientists declared that Apple was a religion!  The neuroscientists had previously scanned brains of the religiously faithful and saw markedly similar results.

CLICK HERE to read original article – Scientists: Apple makes your brain go all religious

apple tech messiah invasion

So yet another sign in the coming apocalypse and rising new order of the Tech Messiah has been delivered unto us all. We can choose to prepare or we can sit back and wait to become mindless zombies in the service of The Messiah. It’s your choice. Think about it before you pick up that iPhone. You only have to come in contact with the device just once and Apple’s specially designed nanotech virus will seep through your skin and turn you into one of them.

apple Tech Messiah zombies

Do us all a favor and smash your iPhone now before it’s too late!!!! Don’t be fooled by the ease of use and reliability – it’s only there to lure you in and take over your brain.

Don’t want to smash your iPhone? Well, Euphonic Dissonance have a solution for you. Click the picture of the iPod below and you will be transported to our iTunes account. There you can download our progressive industrial music. We have secretly embed a anti-nanotech neuro-blocking rotating frequency that will sever you from the Tech Messiah’s mind control signal. You can then enjoy our music and live your life again.

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Pictures Of The Apocalypse


Brian of Euphonic Dissonance with visions of the oncoming apocalypse –

If you like pictures of the END OF THE WORLD then you are going to love this blog. Euphonic Dissonance shares cool pictures they found on the internet while doing research for the TECH MESSIAH apocalypse project. Incredibly inspiring images that have fueled our creative endeavors.


A beautiful female cello player to lull us into oblivion.


A suicide bomber with nothing left to lose.


A seemingly empty room –  full of dirty, long dead memories.


The fembot gets a tuneup.


The future of the majestic horse.


And in the final stages – societal downfall.

Like them? Yeah, we do to. Leave comments if you’re inspired.

Want to hear the music these pictures have inspired? Then click the iPod below.

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THE WALKING DEAD – can’t turn away from this apocalypse drama


Brian of Euphonic Dissonance rambles on about one of his favorite subjects – ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

Zombies have finally reached our television in the form of an amazing series. With the creation of AMC’s -THE WALKING DEAD we now get to see how insane people can really become in the event of zombie attack and the subsequent end of the world. Yeah, the show is a bit like a soap opera (Dark Shadows with zombies instead of vampires) but the catch with this soap opera – everyone dies!!! And yeah, they do come back from the dead – just like in soap operas – but in this instance they’re frikkin’ zombies and they want to feast on your succulent flesh.

Just a quick aside – in reference to Dark Shadows – I hear that Tim Burton is working on a Dark Shadows Movie. This movie is going to be amazing and that’s why I should probably keep this short and just write about it in a separate blog. More on that later. Subscribe to our blog to keep up with stuff.

The Walking Dead gives us an inside look at the breakdown in social order that would occur if the world was overcome by zombie infestation. Fans of the old school George Romero style of slow-ass moving zombies will love this show. No tweaker zombies in this piece. Those things freak me out. It’s much easier to shoot the slow zombies and I won’t spill my drink while I’m doing it.

Recently Frank Darabont the producer/director of this great new series fired the entire writing staff. They’re going into the second season with plans to assign scripts to freelancers. Seems this worked for the British show Torchwood. Well Frank – I hate to point this out to you but this is frikkin’ AMERICA and your on a station who’s acronym means American Movie Classics. Hearing this – I can’t help but be worried for the future of this show.

We’re working on a zombie inspired song that is as of yet untitled but we’re going to give you a little taste with this rough draft of the lyrics. Enjoy.

Zombie Song – rough draft lyrics with tentative title

© 2010 – Euphonic Dissonance / Aromatone Records

Verse 1

A pattern of unusual illness
The news warned us
No one listened
A communicable disease they said
Person to person they said
Fluid – skin – inhalation they said
Symptoms within then minutes
We’ve gotta get out of here
Full infestation in fifteen
Gotta get out of here
Spread of contamination
Rise in investigation
Fever, fatigue, cough, chest pain
Then you change
It’s happening everywhere
A nationwide scare
Bioelectric robotic microsurgery
Nano-machines in living cells
And I don’t want to change
Don’t want to be one of those things

Verse 2

Pack food, water, supplies
They run fast
Gotta keep it light
Only the things we need to survive
Flashlight, first aid kit, army knife
Lots of guns and ammo
Maybe steal us a sweet ride
Batteries and hand crank radio
Gotta stay alive
Mostly travel at night
Sneak around
Stay out of sight
We should have seen this coming
Should have seen the signs
Many gave themselves freely
To be redesigned
With promises of better lifestyle
Better health
Better living
We took it all in stride
Now we struggle to survive
Civilization takes a dive
Afraid I’m losing my mind
They try to get in from the outside
Move to higher ground
Find a place to hide
Hermetical seal
Board up the windows
Lock ourselves inside
Synthetic technology
Reprogram your thinking
Oh babe, I don’t want to change
Don’t want to be one of those things


I’m on fire
And this city will burn

© 2010 – Euphonic Dissonance / Aromatone Records

Well, hope you like that rough draft of our new zombie song lyrics. Gotta work on a third verse for this song soon. Here’s the track it will be associated with…

CLICK HERE to hear Euphonic Dissonance’s new ZOMBIE SONG – rough draft and tentative title

Well, that’s all for now. So what do you think? Is THE WALKING DEAD  the best zombie series ever or do you think we should put an axe into it’s head and put it down permanently?

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Another rant from Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance


EarthDayLogo Euphonic Dissonance

I have a theory. I BELIEVE THAT ALL INSTITUTIONS BECOME CORRUPT OVER TIME. When an institution loses the founder/s (and they always do) then someone takes over with a slightly different vision and at that point the INSTITUTION IS CORRUPT!!!! It’s unavoidable. It’s a fact of life that we just have to learn to live with and work around. Sadly this seems to be the fate of the EARTH DAY movement. They have lost sight of their original intentions. They have become the thing they despise – A BIG GREEDY CORPORATE WHORE. EARTH DAY and all this GREEN stuff is becoming a huge money making industry and that money is going directly into the pockets of cats like AL GORE.

If you don’t believe me then check out this NEW YORK TIMES article:

At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business

To quote a small section of the article….

“To many pioneers of the environmental movement, eco-consumerism, creeping for decades, is intensely frustrating and detracts from Earth Day’s original purpose.  This ridiculous perverted marketing has cheapened the concept of what is really green,” said Denis Hayes, who was national coordinator of the first Earth Day and is returning to organize this year’s activities in Washington. “It is tragic.”

I sincerely hope that the current planners of EARTH DAY turn this thing around. It shouldn’t be a CORPORATE WHORE. It may seem to those that support this effort that all this corporate attention is a good thing but think about the cost. Maybe a logo that gets more to the point would be a step in the right direction. May I suggest the following….

earth-day new logo euphonic dissonance

And this brings me to what I really want to talk about.


When GREEN LIVING faces off with ENERGY INDEPENDENCE in the boxing ring my money is on ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. Sadly these two things shouldn’t be fighting but I find it hard to get behind SOLAR POWER ENERGY because it saves us from the evils of fossil fuels. However, if you tell me it might make America slightly less reliant on foreign oil you suddenly have my attention.

What’s my point? Well, I feel that the GREEN MOVEMENT is missing a middle ground that would bring a lot more people to their cause. I’ll support just about anything that makes the United States less dependent on foreign import and makes good financial sense. I support anything that also helps me not be indebted to the big ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANIES. I’m not a tree hugging hippy but I can definitely get behind a movement that improves our standing in the world. Why aren’t they marketing this stuff to people that think the way I do instead of telling me how many trees I’m saving!!!! I don’t give a rat’s ass about a bunch of trees that aren’t even my friggin’ trees. I have no emotional attachment to some cute little furry animals in a forest that I’ve never even been to. However, I do understand a need to conserve and become more efficient. That we can talk about. There are no melting icebergs/glaciers in my backyard so I don’t have firsthand knowledge of such things – that we can’t talk about. I do see that we need to be less reliant on the rest of the world. That we can talk about. If you’re going to make a sale to me then you had better tell me something I want to hear and I guarantee you there are a lot of people out there just like me that are missing the GREEN LIVING message because it sounds too much like HIPPY RHETORIC.

And I will straight up kick you in the jimmy if you even mention a CARBON FOOTPRINT!!!

Have a great EARTH DAY. Hope you’re doing it for all the right reasons.

Opinions expressed by Brian Copeland do not necessarily reflect the views of Euphonic Dissonance – most of the time.

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INSIDE STUDIO – Sarah Star’s New Sounds


New music from Sarah Star…

It’s time to wake up!  Dance, play… get off you a#s>


Creepy rap, experimental funk.  Try it you’ll like it>


Another side of Sarah.

Tree Of Three Moons

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Sarah’s New star ;)

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Inside the studio with Sarah Star



Familiar eyes stair back at me In so many people I see, who are we, the second coming, here as many? Visitors from other shores? Genetically elevated eyes to see above the stars and into our own souls? Whatever, wherever, whenever… we are here.  We have no idea what we hold in our own hearts but we feel it there, pulsing to express to grow, to be more… to connect to the lost ones found in these glory years.  Our wandering is over… our becoming is at hand.


Sarah Star

In the Studio....

In the Studio....

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INSIDE STUDIO – Sarah Star’s new music

by on Nov.23, 2009, under APOCALYPTIC SPEW, UPDATES

Something new I’ve been working on… I’ll get back 2 ‘3’ at some point 😉

Reduced quality mp3 vs


Feel free to rip it; incomplete version.. soon to be complete! I’ll post lyrics if requested. Enjoy!

Sarah Star

Sarah Star

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1, 0, 2… we are the machine!

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Numbers continued…  WAKE UP!!!  It’s time.

We are the machine, the pure mathematics of the soul… we are individual programs running with the ability to become aware.. to choose to see, (enlightenment); choose to see what direction to move in.  We get feedback from the hologram, the shell surfacing us and we brows the periphery like web-spiders for information.  Others become complacent, stuck, anchored down by the learning and loops and walls and mostly the fear of the unknown, fear of failure.  The only thing that will save us now is to be comfortable in the moment, loosen the straps and safety belts… prepare to jump out and I recommend the sooner the better.   This wave will wash over you sooner or later, if it hasn’t already.

Why is it always darkest before the dawn??  Because this is the moment where light and dark meet. The contrast of extremes creates beauty.  Balance is in the perception of life… our perspective… the rainbow… this is the choice we have, how we choose to see.. then we choose to move. Triangulation of the soul, body, spirit, the trine nature is always present.  The trine nature, duplicated… is life!

Once we choose the middle, only neutrality is possible, mobility and evolution is lost.

The center, (1) is only a starting point, nothing gets accomplished, moved, acted out, expressed… in the middle.  The 1, (One) is the recognition of potential, the act of non-directional momentum, unharnessed energy.   As it expands, more and more exists… momentum without direction being chaos.. which by it’s very random nature, always eventually forms mathematically precise patterns; thereby, always knowing the “areas of freedom”; the circumference creates, or rather IS the 0, (Zero)… which is the foundation of all life and energy; the hologram; information or circumference of the whole.

There is no 1 without the zero, or zero without One… but we can see that the ‘One and Zero’ (via constant vibratory motion), begin to form repeats of patterns over and over again, creating a division of the whole, a layer within… yin yang, polarity, creating “Unity” rather than “Oneness”.  This Unity is balance… The Fractal begins.

A friend’s analogy is a sort of hour glass spinning through the cosmos… the sand playing its part on either side it finds itself on. Using that analogy; floating from one side to the other we’re engaged in the activity, with the mobility to move through and back to the other side.  When anything is in the middle, sticking inflexibly to one state or position, it is immobile, inflexible, stagnate… and so are we.

2, (TWO).. Awareness of SELF.

…is where separation and unity begin via. definition.  Action can be triangulated because three elements now exist… the 1, 0, and 2. 1 is the center focus, the beginning.. 0, the circumference or areas of freedom and 2 the first cell division which brings opportunity for unity rather than oneness…. It all comes down to action, one can not recognize the one unless it becomes 2.  One can only see self if we are looking out of self; without a mirror or division, self perception would not be possible.  Unity would not be possible… until division, movement, growth or expansion is NOT possible.

How hard we try to crawl back into each other, when what we always wanted was to stand side by side, hand in hand, having someone to curl up next to while we experience more of of the diversity and beauty of us.

Nothing can exist without it’s full dimensional qualities.  1-0-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1-0————  This adds another perspective to “All or nothing..” but it’s really all AND nothing.  Nothing can be first or last because it always is/was/will be.  One can not exist without the other, ever…. but time is the great organizer,  it shows us the information at the point of triangulation!

More to come on time…

Sweet dreams,

Sarah Star

Chicago Trip 2009 005

Leaving you with…

Moving closer to TIME:: Prequel, MMmm… sweet temptation.



Figure 1.1 illustrates how the universe is constructed of imbedded or nested layers of physical structure and dynamics. Molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of leptons, etc. These are not dimensions existing independent of each other but are intermingled together interpenetrating each other. The lower frequency dimensions or realms of existence are predicated on or effectuated by the higher frequency realms, dimensions, planes or levels. The finer levels are the building blocks of the lower realms. In other words there can be no molecules without atoms; no atoms without electrons; no electrons without photons; no photons without quarks, etc. The structure of these nested realms are held (Keely) to be indentical on all levels much like the imbeddedness of fractal math and images.

reference: http://www.svpvril.com/Cosmology/cosunity1.html#P1s3

http://www.illuminati-news.com/great-whit e-brotherhood.htm

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