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New music sneak peak – Euphonic Dissonance perform their newest Neil Diamond cover song

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Hey everyone, this is Brian Copeland – lead singer of Euphonic Dissonance giving you a long overdue update.

After more than a year away from recording Euphonic Dissonance songs we are back in the studio working on new material. Here is what we hope will be the first of many new tracks. Hope you enjoy listening to this fine cover of Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man”.  This is only a rough draft for now without vocals or guitar.

New Euphonic Dissonance Music Download

Solitary Man – rough draft

Be sure to comment and tell us what you think of this new song and stay tuned for new news from ED.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

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Brian is Voice in New Zombie Video Game


Do you like Zombie Video games? Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance will be the voice of BASE – a commanding military voice heard barking orders through the crackling radio carried by a United States marine soldier. Could this BASE be the cause of this zombie outbreak? What do they know that they aren’t telling us? To find out – CLICK HERE to witness the development of this New and Exciting First Person Shooter Zombie Kill Fest!

I Shall Remain logo

Infection, and self-replication. The two ambitions of a virus that removed the very idea of safety from violence from the human experience. Each force of resistance it encountered was devoured. As the infection spread to the very last bastion of civilization, the people who faced certain infection carefully carved their stories into the cement walls of the desolate buildings around them. Proof that they once existed. But then, there were cries to push on. A handful of men and women the nation once sent away and baptized in the horrors of world war stand tall. They urge the fight to continue on. Is this madness, or will this be our salvation?

CLICK HERE if you don’t see a Kick Ass Zombie Video Game demo above.

I Shall Remain is a bird’s eye view RPG that allows you to control the journey of a Marine who has awoken in a city infected by the Z0M-31 virus. Memory impairing head trauma requires him to slowly relearn who he was. When he comes to and realizes who he is, his peers are more convinced that people like him are man’s greatest weapon against certain extinction. Navigate the Marine through the city, organize teams of survivors and equip them to fight, plow through the crowds of zombies with lead, vehicles and explosives. The careful and calculated execution of this just might allow you to survive.

It was great fun working with the team behind I Shall Remain and we have no doubt this video game is going to be amazing.

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New music from Euphonic Dissonance – sneak peak of their newest song

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Hello everyone. Brian of Euphonic Dissonance here with an update on our progress.

We’re back to toiling away on the Tech Messiah album deep within Aromatone Studios. It’s been awhile since we’ve worked on anything. Took a bit of a break to deal with this thing called life in this world that’s out of control. I found myself sorting through what we have worked on and I found this sweet little unfinished song. Realizing that we haven’t released anything in quite some time I thought it might be nice to give you something that lets you know we’re still alive and we’ve recently started kicking. Kicking is fun. So is setting stuff on fire. I probably just flagged myself as a potential looter suspect in the recent U.K. riots with the previous two sentences.

Again, this is only a rough draft of this song. It doesn’t have a title yet. It’s mostly bass and drum but I still find it quite moving even at this stage. Hope you enjoy the new track.

CLICK HERE to HEAR Euphonic Dissonance’s NEWEST SONG Fleet Of Mac Trucks (rough draft and tentative title)

New Euphonic Dissonance Music Download

CLICK HERE to HEAR Euphonic Dissonance’s NEWEST SONG Fleet Of Mac Trucks (rough draft and tentative title)

Hope you like the new song. Please leave us a comment telling what you think. Thanks to everyone for the support.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

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Win Prizes from Euphonic Dissonance – join our street team

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Want a chance to win cool Euphonic Dissonance gear? We’re finally rolling out a street team signup where you’ll have a chance to win prizes and gifts from your favorite progressive industrial band – Euphonic Dissonance. All you have to do to win the prizes is play our music for your friends, advertise upcoming shows, tell everyone that the Tech Messiah is coming and ask them to accept the soothing sounds of Euphonic Dissonance into their heart. Be sure to click on the box that says JOIN THE STREET TEAM then click on SUBMIT. If you just want to be on our mailing list then don’t check the box.

We’re looking forward to giving out street team missions. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see given away as Street Team Prizes then please leave a comment on this blog. Expect more information soon.

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Scientists discover the Tech Messiah link to Apple computers


Scientists have accidentally unearthed the Tech Messiah plot and they don’t even know they did it. To read about the Tech Messiah story CLICK HERE.

cult_of_mac Mind Control

Is it possible that Apple computers could be involved in the Tech Messiah takeover? A recent discovery by British neuroscientists certainly seems to verify such suspicions. Having performed a brain scan on an Apple zealot, these neuroscientists declared that Apple was a religion!  The neuroscientists had previously scanned brains of the religiously faithful and saw markedly similar results.

CLICK HERE to read original article – Scientists: Apple makes your brain go all religious

apple tech messiah invasion

So yet another sign in the coming apocalypse and rising new order of the Tech Messiah has been delivered unto us all. We can choose to prepare or we can sit back and wait to become mindless zombies in the service of The Messiah. It’s your choice. Think about it before you pick up that iPhone. You only have to come in contact with the device just once and Apple’s specially designed nanotech virus will seep through your skin and turn you into one of them.

apple Tech Messiah zombies

Do us all a favor and smash your iPhone now before it’s too late!!!! Don’t be fooled by the ease of use and reliability – it’s only there to lure you in and take over your brain.

Don’t want to smash your iPhone? Well, Euphonic Dissonance have a solution for you. Click the picture of the iPod below and you will be transported to our iTunes account. There you can download our progressive industrial music. We have secretly embed a anti-nanotech neuro-blocking rotating frequency that will sever you from the Tech Messiah’s mind control signal. You can then enjoy our music and live your life again.

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An interview with AXIS – Industrial Electronic Rock Band – Part 2

by on May.08, 2011, under MUSIC, UPDATES

MARCH 24, 2011

TO READ PART 1 of this interview CLICK HERE

This interview was recorded March the 24th of 2011 at the Cherry Street Coffee House in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Axis Industrial Electronic Rock Band

CLICK HERE to hear the AUDIO MP3 INTERVIEW with AXIS – industrial electronic rock band from Oklahoma

I’m Brian Copeland – lead singer of the progressive industrial group Euphonic Dissonance. I’m conducting this interview with Axis to expose people to other great industrial/electronic bands from our home state of Oklahoma.

Axis has shared the stage with some of the most influential bands in the industrial and electronic genres. These include Slick Idiot, Mankind Is Obsolete, Lords Of Acid and My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult. Filled with meaningful melodies and emotional depths, Steven Blackwell’s programming, producing and studio sound experience along with Vixx’s resonating vocals combine to create their unique sound.

I’m having coffee with the members of Axis in a back room of a very busy and – needless to say – noisy coffee house. Let’s meet the members of this mind warping electronic rock band – Steven and Vixx.

Brian:  You recently opened for the Belgian industrial techno band Lords of Acid at their show in Tulsa. What was it like opening for such a well know and influential band?

Steven:  It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. Still kind of taking it in. It was our biggest crowd in Tulsa easily and definitely the most responsive too. Aside for opening for some really great bands last night and getting to meet some really good – really talented and influential musicians – our live side of it was amazing. We had a great time. I am still recovering actually.

Vixx: Yeah, that was the best show we have ever had. We had so much fun. We had really great crowd response. We sold the most merchandise we’ve ever sold. We actually ran out of stuff which we never thought would happen in Tulsa because there was actually a lot of new people. It wasn’t just our friends that we usually always see out. Actual new people got to hear us for the first time and really liked us and actually wanted to support us whereas our friends they support us in spirit but they don’t feel like they need to buy anything because they know us.

Steven: That and I have a bad habit of giving things away.

Vixx: Yeah.

Steven: Going back to that question about industrial being dead – after seeing the crowd and everything last night that’s my inspiration on saying no I don’t think industrials dead.

Brian: I tend to agree. But there’s a second part to this question which is – do you think the experience will open to doors for Axis? You’ve kind of answered that. Obviously a good crowd came to your show. People saw you that had never seen you before. Where do you go with that?

Steven: To be honest with you I really didn’t think it was going to do a whole lot for us. I was kind of skeptical. I was really happy to be on the bill but we’ve been on bills before but it was great. We had great crowd response – we had a good time but it never really went beyond one good night – one good show. Um, last night however – the Lords of Acid show we seemed to get a really good crowd response – we sold a lot more merch than any of the other show. We got a lot more exposure and the bands Angelspit, Lords of Acid, Chant, Radical G – all those guys gave us nothing but praise after the fact and had mentioned the possibility of putting us on their label. So we’re still kind of waiting to hear back on that and see how that goes but it definitely opened some doors.

Vixx: As far as where to go from last night – not too sure. I mean I asked a lot of people for their facebook information but Tulsa has been such a fickle market for us and trying to get repeat fans has not been easy. I think we have one or two actual fans that will come to most of our shows but as far as getting a good group of people to come to all of our shows has not happened and we’re kind of at a loss for how to make that happen.

Brian: When it comes to live performance what musical artists influence you the most? And strictly just live performance in this scenario.

Steven: Oh man. I don’t know if there is any  one particular. I was really inspired by – some of the first shows I went to were some of the big names in industrial in the 90’s. They were easily the best shows that I’ve ever seen. Bands like Gravity Kills, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Ministry – all these guys put on great show and I would be flattered if anyone ever said you guys put on a show to that caliber. So I’d have to say that just seeing those shows is what inspired me, It wasn’t anyone in particular.

Vixx: I just kind of recently got into industrial over the past five years. Before that I was into metal and I went to a lot of metal shows pretty early on so for me kind of some of my influences were Motograter who did some awesome stuff with saws and Slipknot who were just banging on everything. You kind of get a little bit of that with our live performance now. I play on a big oil barrel. I do percussion on that and then I also have a angle grinder that I shoot sparks off of.

Steven: We’re working on interpreting some more strange percussion and the use of more power tools. Things that shoot sparks – things that make noise – I love all these things. I think they make for a good show.

rock electronic band axis

Brian: What can we expect to see at a live gig? I think you just covered that but give us some more.

Steven: We try to keep it as energetic as possible. It kind of depends on what show. We’re pretty versatile in that like I said earlier the E.P. is very gritty – it’s very energetic and electronic and then the album is much more well electronic rock oriented. So the live shows at any given time depending on who we’re playing with or where we’re playing – we can play songs from either genre or mix it up. We usually try to keep it pretty energetic – sometimes emotional. Like I said, we like to bring crazy stuff up on stage and see what can we do with it.

Vixx: Almost any given point during a song one of us will be on vocals. I bounce back between percussion, keyboard and vocals. Steven’s on guitar and we’re just kind of all over the place bouncing around. I’m playing on different things. We’re just rocking out and having a good time.

Steven: I’m always looking for some way to create some new piece of equipment to bring on stage.

Brian: And next question is my favorite – what’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you at a live performance?

Steven: (asks Vixx) What’s yours?

Vixx: Hm. I know what yours is.

Steven: What’s mine?

Vixx: Whenever Trent broke the angle grinder blade. The one where the dude broke his jaw in the mosh pit.

Steven: Oh yeah, I think it might have all happened at one show. It was a just simultaneous. It was all complete havoc. *Steven laughs* It was when we were down to a three of four piece from the five piece and my vocalist at the time broke out the angle grinder on a barrel and it was really kind of spontaneous. And I just like ripped off my shirt – ran over and grabbed the barrel in front of him and he pushed down on the angle grinder too hard and busted the blade. So it shot chunks into my stomach and shot other chunks into the audience members and simultaneously or sometime into the set ….

Brian: You shrapneled your audience?

Steven: Yes, we shrap-metaled the audience. And at some point during the same song some kid got his jaw broken in the mosh pit. As soon as the song was over there was just a group of people standing off in the back of the audience recovering. That was pretty crazy.

Brian: (to Vixx) Can you top that?

Vixx: No, I can’t really top that but probably the craziest thing was last night. I had gotten this cat suit it was spandex like or blend. I really couldn’t find anything good to wear and I figured it would be a good time to wear that. I’d been wearing it around the house because it like feety pajames an it’s comfortable. So we knew that it was a little bit see through but only just a little bit. Then I got and stage and with the stage lights it was completely see through. So, I’m still kind of embarrassed about that one.

Steven: Well, the audience loved it.

Brian: Yeah, I’m sure the audience had a much greater appreciation of that than you did.

*everyone laughs*

axis against a wall electronic rock band

Brian: Trent Reznor said in a 1992 Spin magazine interview that  people in Tulsa, Oklahoma are weirder than people in New York or L. A. because there is nothing to do and when they rebel they go all out. How have you been received in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, you kind of covered that earlier. It doesn’t sound like very well.

Steven: Well it depends because the show that I just mentioned with the shrap metal – the broken jaw and all that was in Enid, Oklahoma. Enid, Oklahoma – they invite us back all the time despite this stuff. They love it. They absolutely eat it up. When the shrap metal went into the audience and everybody got kind of cut up and everybody was just like “yeah!” and they rocked out for the rest of the set. Those guys love it out there and I mean this in the best possible sense – a little weirder. They do go all out whereas Tulsa to me is not the city that used to be when it comes to the underground. Tulsa used to have a lot more underground feel. A much more underground, artsy, artistic scene and the kids used to dress up a lot more and come out to shows a lot more.

Vixx: I think everyone went a little all out a one  too many times  and nobody goes out anymore.

Steven: Yeah, you don’t really see it much anymore. If you go to the smaller towns that is still true – like Enid.

Vixx: Stillwaters pretty good. Lawton.

Steven: Little towns where there really isn’t anything to do. We go out and play those shows. Those show are often the most fun because they really will go all out.

Brian: What sort of fan base does Axis attract?

Steven: That’s hard to say. We’ve had  a pretty eclectic group of people through the years. It’s one reason I don’t like to stick to saying we’re an industrial band because I really like having a broad audience. That’s one thing that I’ve always appreciated having – people that are into completely other styles of music coming up and saying that they really like our stuff. That’s incredibly flattering to me.

Brian: Other than VampireFreaks.com where’s the best place to find you on the web?

Steve: You can find us on facebook as Axis Satellite. We’re also on ReverbNation under Axis Satellite. Just to clarify – the reason we use Satellite at the end was partially promotion for our upcoming album which was titled 23 Degrees and we were trying to keep with this theme. Like the earth’s axis is on a tilt of 23 degrees. Essential the website or anything online are kind of a satellite from what we’re actually doing. I just felt like that needed justification because everyone that  finds us thinks we’re Axis Satellite.

Vixx: And the main reason is also Facebook was the big push on that because you can’t have a band name. It has to be a first and last name. Well, we still want people to find us as a band so we added Satellite as our last name.

Steve: So you can find us on Facebook and ReverbNation.

Brian: Excellent. Well that’s all the questions. I want to thank you for doing the interview here at the wonderful Cherry Street Coffee House in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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An interview with AXIS – Industrial Electronic Rock Band – Part 1

by on Apr.09, 2011, under MUSIC, UPDATES

MARCH 24, 2011

This interview was recorded March the 24th of 2011 at the Cherry Street Coffee House in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Axis Industrial Electronic Rock Music

I’m Brian Copeland – lead singer of the progressive industrial group Euphonic Dissonance. I’m conducting this interview with Axis to expose people to other great industrial/electronic bands from our home state of Oklahoma.

Axis has shared the stage with some of the most influential bands in the industrial and electronic genres. These include Slick Idiot, Mankind Is Obsolete, Lords Of Acid and My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult. Filled with meaningful melodies and emotional depths, Steven Blackwell’s programming, producing and studio sound experience along with Vixx’s resonating vocals combine to create their unique sound.

I’m having coffee with the members of Axis in a back room of a very busy and – needless to say – noisy coffee house. Let’s meet the members of this mind warping electronic rock band – Steven and Vixx.

CLICK HERE to hear the AUDIO MP3 INTERVIEW with AXIS – industrial electronic rock band from Oklahoma

Steven:  I’m Steven.

Vixx:  And I’m Vixx.

Brian:  Steven and Vixx. Steve Albini once called industrial music disco through a fuzz box. This type of music came into style in the early 90’s and is now 20 years old. Some would go as far to say that industrial music is dead. Give us your take on the current state of the industrial music scene.

Steven:  Um, it seems like it’s going pretty strong right now. It’s picking up a little bit of momentum as of the last 6 months to a year. It’s hard to say with the music industry as a whole being on kind of a down curve but I think it’s not dead at all. You can look it up and search it on any given search engine and you’ll pull up a ton of bands. Some of it good – some of it bad – but dead? I don’t think it’s dead.

Brian:  So you think it’s just the economy?

Steven:  I think it’s just the economy and the music industry as a whole.

Vixx:  With things being so accessible online it’s a lot harder for bands to generate any business for themselves.

Brian:  That’s true and it seems that a lot of it is no so much album sales as it is singles sales. You guys find that you’re having to put out a lot of new songs just to keep up with things as they are?

Steven:  Sort of. With our new EP out that was kind of where we were going with it. We figured and EP would be a good way to get back into things and try to make some money off of it. Try to get our music out there and it’s a lot easier with a single or an EP than try to just release an album.

Brian:  What is Axis doing that is different from previous industrial oriented groups?

Steven:  I don’t know. I’d like to think that we’re a little bit more creative than a lot of stuff that has happened over the last several years. I like to say that I’m musically A.D.D. and so I can’t stick to one particular style for too long. The EP is a little bit more of a narrow version of what Axis really is. We have an upcoming album – it should be out in a few months – and it’s going to be pretty all over the place.

Vixx:  We like to write things that are more personal to us and things that we feel have a little bit more meaning than just the surface – dance hits.

Brian:  You just released a new EP. What’s the name of the new album and what will people hear when they download the new EP?

Steven:  The EP is titled POLAR. It is the dancy side of Axis. It’s the really gritty, dancy stuff. Um, I feel like there should be more of an explanation to all that… *looks towards Vixx*

Vixx:  Okay, well, the reason we decided to name the EP POLAR is because we had these songs that we had made but we didn’t like but they really didn’t fit on the album. They were just a little more on the surface than going into the depths of the actual album so we decided “let’s just throw them on an EP” and since they’re a little bit different we’ll call them POLAR cause they’re not so much the opposite of what we’re doing on the album but they’re definitely different.

Brian:  So, not so much B-sides as just different?

Steven and Vixx:  Yeah.

Brian:  Right. Okay. How is the current EP different than the previous LP album? I think you kind of covered that just then.

Steven:  Well, the last album we released – we had a five piece band and it was a lot more rock oriented. So it’s different in that the EP is pretty straightforward electronic. The next album is going to be more rock oriented. It’s going to be a good mix of electronic and rock. Whereas these songs stuck out as being overly gritty and electronic  – so then I thought – well, we’ll just stick these songs together on an EP as it just made more sense that way. But yeah, the previous album is much more guitar based drums – you know rock band with a decent amount of electronics.

Brian:  You say that’s the full five piece band. I gotta assume losing the full five piece band has considerably changed the sound. Has it caused you to stroke out in a different direction?

Steven:  A little bit. The next full length album’s gonna sound a lot different in that the musically production has evolved a lot since that first album but the overall sound in some ways isn’t going to change a whole lot. I like staying in the vein of electronic rock I guess because if you classify yourself as an industrial band too much people have an expectation. Say something like electronic rock and people don’t know what to think of that so it gives us a broader umbrella of what we can do.

Vixx:  I’d say it’s quite a bit different because on the last album I wasn’t involved in the music writing process at all and now it’s just the two of us. It’s a lot more focused and a lot more of just our ideas without having to go through five other people to agree on something and try to get a little bit of everyone’s input in. It’s kind of more of a collaboration of just the two of us and we’re very similar in our tastes.

Steven:  Actually, it’s much more focused. That’s a really good way to sum it up. It’s gonna be a lot more focused than the previous album.


Brian:  My favorite song from the new EP is BURN. Can you give us some insight into what prompted the creation of this particular track?

Steven:  Ah.. man. I’d like to say there’s some really awesome back story but really I was just super pissed off one day and got home and wrote a song.

Brian:  It kind of sounded that way. I think that’s why I liked it.

Steven: Yeah, it was really just written from a bad day. I had been working on a couple of sounds and a couple of patches. Just kind of pieced it together over the course of a day – ran it by Vixx – she really liked it so I moved forward with it and it kind of evolved over the course of a few days.

Brian:  That’s my favorite song. What’s your favorite song off the new EP?

Steven:  Ah, that’s tough because I actually ended up liking BURN a lot.

Vixx:  We got a really good response from RX. A lot of people on the past couple of shows that we’ve done said that was their favorite song live. I don’t know if they’ve heard it recorded but it definitely got the crowd going. It was the best response that we’ve had from a song in awhile.

Steven:  Yeah. And I think TRASH is kind of the other favorite on the album because it’s more experimental. Out of the five tracks on the EP it’s the most experimental of the bunch and it’s a good combination of the two of us.

Brian:  What will you be working on next?

Steve:  We’ll be finishing up our album titled 23 DEGREES and we should have it out this summer. There’s no exact date as we’re still polishing up the recordings and finishing up all that. And since we’re an indie band we’ve got to pay for it. We’ve got a tour planned for June and July 2011. It’s pretty much an east coast tour of the United States. Hopefully a break after that.

Brian:  Do you have any concept of exactly where you’re going on the east coast?

Vixx:  It’s been set up for us so we haven’t got the full details on it yet. All we know is that we’re starting in Philly.

Steven:  Our booking agent just gave us the thumbs up on the tour two days ago. It’s something like two and a half weeks long. Starts in Philly and ends back in Oklahoma.

Brian: Are you going on the road with somebody else or just yourselves?

Steven:  Yeah, we’re going on the road with Man And Machines.

Brian:  I’ve heard of them.

Steven:  Yeah, they’re pretty good. I like them a lot.

Brian: Yeah, yeah. *approvingly*

Steven: We had just met our current booking agent. Apparently he really liked us so he immediately threw us on a tour that he had. They’re based out of Philly so we’ll meet them in Philly – go up the east coast and into the central U.S. and back down to good ol’ Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Brian:  Do you compose your music using hardware or are you more into the computer software thing?

Steven:  Oh man, you see, I could go on for hours and hours on that. I’m a total tech junkie. Both, uh, both is the short version.

Vixx: Yeah. We still have our favorite hardware synths that we like to use. You can get a lot of different sounds from VSTs but nothing takes the place of pushing down all the keys and tweaking everything and getting it just the way you like it.

Steven:  We do record everything in software. There’s a lot of effects and some VSTs that are used in the process. We play bass, guitar and drums on some of the tracks so it goes back and forth.

Brian:  I don’t want to get too into a tech discussion because we’ll bore people to tears with that but I do have to say – I noticed you posted on Facebook that you got a new keyboard.

Steven:  I did, yeah.

Brian:  Want to tell us a little bit about that?

Steven: Ah man, I’ve really only got to spend a couple of hours cause we’ve been so busy. Since we got it we’ve maybe spent two hours with it. We just picked up the M-Audio Venom and I don’t want to sound like a commercial but the thing is awesome. It blew me away in the two hours that we did get to play with it. Just on the fly, it’s really cool in that it’s a good combination of hardware and software. It’s set up to where you can install the software on your computer and use the keyboard as a controller or you can use the keyboard as an independent unit so I’m totally loving that thing.

Brian: M-Audio’s a great company for covering both side of that – with the computer and the hardware solution – which is nice. *looks at Vixx* Do you have any input on the keyboard?

Vixx:  I really like it because it has a few knobs but you can really get in depth on the software and import it back into the keyboard. So you don’t have to sit there and like twist the knobs and make sure they’re exactly where you want them. On the keyboard itself you can go in and click on it – turn it whichever way you want it – listen to it that way and then put it back on the keyboard to actually use.

Steven:  Please sponsor us M-Audio. *everyone laughs*

Brian: That would be nice – wouldn’t it?

Stay tuned to our blog. You don’t want to miss the next episode of this spell binding interview with Axis. You can SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG by CLICKING HERE. By clicking you can become a subscriber and learn about the time that AXIS tried to kill their audience during a live show but you’ll have to wait until PART 2 of our INTERVIEW WITH AXIS.



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Euphonic Dissonance supports Guitars For Vets on Squidoo.com

by on Apr.08, 2011, under POLITICS, UPDATES

Euphonic Dissonance is proud to associate with this fine organization and we strongly support what they are trying to do. 10% of our profit from advertising on Squidoo.com will now be donated to Guitars For Vets. We hope it helps deliver more guitars into the hands of our nations heroes. We really look forward to helping Guitars For Vets in the future and who knows – maybe someday we can deliver a guitar to one of these fine soldiers personally. That would really be a thrill.

“I never thought my words or poetry were worth anything. After I started with G4V I was able to find a whole new dimension to my life that I never imagined was there. Thank you, Guitarist for Vets, for giving me another reason to keep trying, to keep being a better me, thank you.” Michael Widmer, Marine, Artist

Guitars For Vets, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that enhances the lives of ailing and injured military Veterans by providing them with guitars and music instruction. Through self-expression and the healing power of music, it is our intent to restore the feelings of joy and purpose that can be lost after suffering trauma.

Guitars For Vets (G4V) provides six free private lessons and a new acoustic guitar to military Veterans at VA medical and community-based Vet centers. All veterans are referred to us by the VA medical team in order to integrate the Guitars For Vets program into their treatment regimen. The private lessons are taught by volunteer instructors and are then followed by group sessions that provide a forum for the veterans to talk and play music with like-minded individuals, many of whom have had the same experiences, emotions and traumas. The music sessions provide a communal atmosphere. This has proven to be a catalyst that helps the Vets continue on their road to recovery and well being.

Upon graduation, each Vet in the program is presented a guitar, gig bag, strap, tuner, method book and a certificate of completion. The testimonials throughout the website capture what it has meant to some of the Vets participating in our program.

Guitars for Vets and Euphonic Dissonance
“Stopping drinking saved my life, playing guitar keeps me sober.”
– Danny Roberts, G4V Graduate

Their primary focus is the healing power of music and helping our veterans. Whether we agree or disagree with the decision to go to war, one thing is for certain there are men and women who bravely fight for and honorably represent our country. As a consequence of war, many of our soldiers come home with physical and emotional injuries. They need our help. Read the story below and you’ll have a better understanding of their mission and why they do it.

The young marine had recently returned home from the hospital after recovering from extensive physical injuries, a result of a rocket attack in Iraq that took the lives of eight of his closest friends while he and one other were sole survivors. He sat in my office expressionless and unemotional as he tried to find the words to describe his pain. He could manage only to tell of his rage-filled tirades, as if justified and understandable, yet was silent and alone with his grief.

Throughout his treatment in the 6-week VAMC’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recovery program, many obstacles challenged him. He struggled to stay focused, yet the intrusive thoughts of his fallen comrades haunted him. He worked diligently on the writing assignments although the ringing in his ears from the rocket attacks and the resulting tinnitus were a constant physical reminder of the sights and sounds of the war zone. The effects of the traumatic brain injury and the anxiety he was trying to control kept him in a chokehold.

It wasn’t until the day he picked up a guitar, on a break from the regular classes, that he was able to begin to shed some of the pain and express the feelings he had kept so tightly in his chest. That day he bonded for the first time with the older men in the 6-week group who were survivors of another war in another time. Although their battles were waged in the jungle, rather than the desert, they listened as he sang of his blues and amplified the sting of his pain. The music reached all of them and offered a voice that had not yet been heard. Music bridges all generations. Your support of this mission will bring joy and peace to many Vets. ~ Thanks to Dr. Dona Zanotti of the Oklahoma City VAMC for this story contribution.

Well, we hope to see you on our Squidoo page. Don’t forget to buy something and help the patriotic people at Guitars For Vets. Thanks.

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INSIDE STUDIO – Pink Floyd meets Euphonic Dissonance

by on Apr.04, 2011, under MUSIC, POLITICS, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian brings you the latest on Euphonic Dissonance’s newest song…

Here’s a sneak peak of our newest song we’re working on. It’s “Not Now John” originally recorded by Pink Floyd on their THE FINAL CUT album way back in 1983.

Progressive Industrial band Euphonic Dissonance perform Pink Floyd song Not Now John

Decided we just had to do this track after someone who had never heard the original Pink Floyd song mistook it for something Euphonic Dissonance recorded. Flattery will get you everywhere. Needless to say – we had to indulge this bright new idea and try our best to create this song in our image while still retaining its original raw energy. Not an easy task.

We have most of the foundation of the song recorded. Now we need to build the frame and put a roof on it by adding vocals and lead guitar. There seems to be a lot of excitement about what we have created – and it isn’t finished yet. Hopefully you will feel that same excitement when you listen to this new track:

New Euphonic Dissonance Music

CLICK HERE TO HEAR Not Now John *rough draft* performed by Euphonic Dissonance originally recorded by Pink Floyd – Copyright Pink Floyd Music Ltd 1983.

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to the track you should take a just a moment to tell us your impression of the piece. Thanks for listening. Expect more soon.



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Enter The Tech Messiah – Origin Story


More and more I see religion being used as a method to control an agenda. It’s always been a tool used by people to control the masses but lately it has become far more prominent a tool than I can remember in my lifetime. In the past the prominence of religious control always seems to go hand in hand with great religious abuses of power and I wonder if it is possible to have religion holding great power in a society and still have that power act in a responsible and ethical way. – from article USING RELIGION TO CONTROL OTHERS

Brian of Euphonic Dissonance here with the TECH MESSIAH ORIGIN STORY. We’ve posted this on some of the webpages but thought it might be nice to include it here in the blog. Enjoy our future apocalypse tale of a society willingly controlled by their own technology.

Euphonic Dissonance TECH MESSIAH poster | computer background 2000X1500 jpg


If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. – George Orwell – 1984

Brian Copeland and Sarah Star are working hard to bring their post apocalyptic world of the TECH MESSIAH to life on stages across America. A vision of a society that freely gives itself over to control by technology. THE WORSHIP OF TECHNOLOGY! A lesson in control and slavery. A warning about the power of religion. The TECH MESSIAH will soon come to life and evolve before your eyes. We welcome you to join us as we create the realm of the TECH MESSIAH.


The TECH MESSIAH concept was introduced to us by our friend Brad Jennings. He introduced the idea of people worshiping or praying to their electronic devices (pda, mp3 player, iPhone, etc).

Brian tells us what happened next: “I couldn’t stop dwelling on the conversation. So many of us run to buy the newest devices when they are released (Apple iPhone for example). We might even get a little angry if we don’t get exactly what we want when we want it. We might take time out of our busy day to spend an allotted amount of time with our favorite electronic gadget. We admire the device as we push the buttons and tweak the knobs. Is this our ELECTRONIC HOUR OF PRAYER? Could this be a form of worship and is it possible that people would want to be controlled if they were kept happy and content with NEW TIME SAVING DEVICES – MORE MIND WASTING ACTIVITIES? Is it possible it’s already happening and we’re currently being controlled?

Now, combine that with every apocalypse movie I’ve ever seen (which is like all of them!!!) and we have the TECH MESSIAH PROJECT. A futuristic world that is already controlled by SOLID STATE RELIGION. Messages of control beamed over radio and drilled directly into minds. You’re willing to risk a BRAIN TUMOR using your cell phone every single day – who’s to say you wouldn’t give over control of your life to TECHNOLOGY YOU KNOW AND TRUST.”



How much time do you devote in your day to prayer unto your false gods? You cannot lie to us. Do not say that you would never do such things. We’ve been watching you. You spend hours worshipping your computer. You decorate your facebook to appease vanity. You seek solace in your cell phone. You take pride in your car. You boast about the size of your television. You wear your thumb drive like jewelry – on a necklace for all to see. You are accused of being a follower of the TECH MESSIAH. You are accused of telling others of this false religion. Don’t try to deny the accusations. Is it not you that preaches almost daily to your friends and family on the benefits of owning an Apple? Was it not you that texted your entire friend list letting them know when you bought the new cell phone? Did you not invite your buddies over to watch the Super Bowl when Best Buy delivered your plasma television? You infect everyone you come in contact with. You fill their heads with dreams of heaven on earth. Salvation at the touch of a button. The washing away of all sin beeming forth from a sequence of lights and glowing bulbs.


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