Steal a TARDIS -

Steal a TARDIS

by on Jul.01, 2015, under POETRY | LYRICS



I can live without her

Six years of living a lie

Steal myself a TARDIS

Travel back in time

Build a paradox machine

And relive those lost days

Take back all the time

That she took away

The Master of my destiny

She took that away from me

Made me human

That I cannot forgive

The superior alien race

Until the very end

Remove memories of her

With laser precision

Decimate the thoughts of her

With great intention


Her paltry understanding of physics

Brain numbing banter on mentality

I refuse to dwell there anymore

I’m capable of so much more

Those that love me will worship me

Those that don’t will learn to fear me

For the narcissist will resurface again


And I will see to this world’s ultimate end.

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