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by Brian Copeland of EUPHONIC DISSONANCE

* a scene from the TECH MESSIAH project *

Embrace. Snuggle up to dystopia. Accept the role that life gives you. Find your box – your hole – your rut – crawl into it.

There is no originality in anything you do. There is nothing individual about anything you choose. Look at me – every hair in place – every fucking day – every mindless fucking day. Enough condescending speeches to last a lifetime. Sometimes you just don’t seem to know your place. You wiggle in your chair. Twist your finger round the edge of your pencil. ARE YOU A DREAMER??!!! PAY ATTENTION WHEN i’m TALKING TO YOU!!!!

welcome to the real world

Would it be too much to ask? Could you just pay attention long enough to learn where you belong? Look at the history we’ve created. Blind faith in leadership – signs of quality – proper categorization. Look at this great nation. Breathing fire and gasoline. Gotta scrub real hard to keep her clean. Love god, cherry pie and rock & roll. You’ve got no other place to go.

you might want to have a seat

The DOCTOR will see you now. Your eyes seem to wander. You have trouble concentrating on your routine. I know what you need. I like to throw out random acronyms and eponyms because I get paid by the word and you don’t know what they mean. We’re going to fix you. You have a disease. We used to drive nails into your skull with hammers but now we just give you these –

Take the pretty colors – let them slide on down – and soon you’ll stop being obscene.

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Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance gives a progress report on the recording of the TECH MESSIAH album.

Here is a brand new track for your listening pleasure. This one has already been compared to the vocal stylings of Marilyn Manson. I can hear that. I’m flattered. Did you know that Marilyn’s real name is Brian?

New Euphonic Dissonance Music

CLICK HERE to hear MINISTRY OF HATE (rough draft with scratch vocal) by Euphonic Dissonance | sounds like Marilyn Manson

Once again we revisit a very Orwellian theme with this song. I suppose it should sit side-by-side with the 1984 track. However, there is more to the message of this song than just a reference to the writings of George Orwell.

There is a sense of loss of individuality. That which is not understood must be destroyed. It is a rant about the misuse of power by our government for all the wrong causes!!! That’s what this song is about and if you haven’t figured it out already – I have strong feelings about this subject matter.

That being said ….. this song has more in common with the BBC series “The Prisoner”.

Here’s the lyrics for you….


© 2009 Euphonic Dissonance

Verse 1

Clinically adjusted

Obedient and trusted

Hearts in mainline

Critically designed

I fashion you to be one of us

I pattern you to be one of us

Step back in line

Lock step in time

Identify now what you are

We know he’s observing

Our way of life he’s preserving

I fit you in to be one of us

I fix you to be part of us

Verse 2

Hook up – Jack in

Just a taste – Then you’ll feel embraced

We fashion you to be one of us

We pattern you to be one of us

Flashing lights captivate you

Find yourself passing through

Formation in time

Lock step in line

We know he’s monitoring

To him we cling

We fit you in to be one of us

We fix you to be one with us

Can’t you feel it slipping in

Piercing through your skin

We fashion you to be one of us

We pattern you to be part of us

Verse 3

How frail is the human eye

How small is our piece of pie

But that’s about to change

Nothing will ever be the same

We fashion you to be all of us

We pattern you to be one with us

Step back in line

Lock step in time

We look the same

We act the same

I force you till you’re one with us

I fix you to be all of us

Our heart’s receiving

In him believing

We know he’s observing

Our way of life preserving

I’ll kick your head in till you’re one with us

I’ll beat you down till you’re part of us


You belong here

Welcome to the Ministry of Hate

Our mission is quite clear

We are the Ministry of Hate

Those people there – they don’t look straight

Introduce them to the Ministry of Hate

We belong here

Hello from the Ministry of Hate

Our goal is crystal clear

We are the Ministry of Hate

Only safe thing to do is discriminate

Show them freaks the Ministry of Hate


As always … we hope you enjoy the new song. Please leave us luscious comments.

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INSIDE STUDIO – Tech Messiah REBORN with fancy new robot voice

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Brian Copeland here with more news from inside Aromatone Studios. More progress on the TECH MESSIAH album.

The verses in the TECH MESSIAH song are finally finished. Our robotic messenger tells us about our silicon savior and how to pray to our new love and lord. As I pointed out in a previous blog….this one reminds me so much of the track SHEEP by PINK FLOYD from the ANIMALS album. There is a lot of irony in this discovery. The ANIMALS album is supposed to be loosely based on George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” and the TECH MESSIAH album is loosely based on the book “1984” by the same author. Very interesting. And both tracks have spiritual readings done through a vocoder. Also very interesting.




Now that you have heard this fine new track tell us what you think.

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1984 – Second Track with an Official Title from the TECH MESSIAH recording project

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More music from the zany labs of Aromatone Recording Studio. Enjoy the madcap adventures of our team Euphonic Dissonance as they set out to destroy the evil empire of the TECH MESSIAH.

I haven’t really been able to process this track properly. Some things on the computer still aren’t fixed but they will be soon. It’s just so much more raw this way. It might be a bit more quiet that our usual mixes. Hope you love the new song.


And the LYRICS if you enjoy reading stuff…


should have paid attention

when the corporations shut our mouths

tied us to a chair

and turned the lights out

in god we trust

on the tit of the government

we suck

pay attention to the screen

remember what you’ve seen

in god we trust

god i hope they remember us

in god we trust

in god we trust

and they say to hell with it

they say oh to hell with it

here comes a candle

to light you to bed

can’t express our point of view

you know exactly what to do

just keep it bottled in

don’t say it, it’s a sin

running around in the rat race

gotta save a little face

just keep it bottled in

don’t say it – it’s a sin

he’s not our messiah

we don’t have to like it

just pray they don’t find us

kick in doors and crush heads

terror swelling to compelling

can’t trust the government

in god we trust

where’s that getting us

hope you like guns

bullet to each head

fade with defined precision

fade to gray with intention

tuck in tight baby girl

daddy’s gonna rule the world

here comes a candle

to light you to bed

here comes a chopper

to chop off your head

iron bars on windows

look at them through the peephole

paranoid delusion

or striking reality

in god we trust

in god we trust

doesn’t seem to matter much

worshipping your idols

here comes a candle

choppers overhead

remain standing

do not move until ordered

rest your precious head

caress away the pain

tuck in tight baby girl

daddy’s gonna rule the world

© 2008 Euphonic Dissonance / Aromatone Records

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Regina Spektor’s New Album FAR – Brian falls in love with MACHINE song

by on Jul.07, 2009, under MUSIC

This album is an absolute MUST HAVE  item. I official give it the Euphonic Dissonance 5 star award. This is the first time anyone will have received this illustrious award. The five star award goes to Regina Spektor for her newest album FAR. Congratulations Regina …. you deserve it.


No seriously people !!!! This album is friggin’ cool.

Ah, thank you Regina. You’ve given me more fodder for my Tech Messiah craze. Your new song MACHINE speaks to me in angry – sultry ways.

Here I am listening to Regina’s new album and I’m suddenly washed over by a tide of anger. I think it’s anger (I never like to assume what the author intends. I wasn’t there. I don’t know what was in their head.) or at least it seems like anger. The song is so aggressive. It’s damn sexy. I seriously want to cover this song but I never follow through on doing cover songs. I’m fickle like that.

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