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by on Mar.16, 2016, under POETRY | LYRICS

Constantly captured and compressed. Packed down for redirect. Funneled through a tunnel at high speeds. Flickering in a strobing pattern to the beat. Turn it up. Make it louder. Listen to the ticking of that bomb. All that liquid cooled aggression bubbling up. Core temperature rising. A seizure is imminent Turn on all the fans. Try to condition the air. Reverse the polarity. Turn it on and off again. Total restart. Time for reboot. All shiny and new. All complete and inside of you.

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INSIDE STUDIO – NEW SONG “Stuttering Computer” added to TECH MESSIAH album

by on Jan.25, 2010, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance reports on the recording of the TECH MESSIAH album.

Got a new track for you. Okay it’s not totally new. Actually, it’s about 2 weeks old and originally was under a different title and all I’ve changed since the last time I posted the track is the bridge…..but that makes it like new?….doesn’t it?

I don’t really recall what I was calling this tune before but I’ve decided to title it “Stuttering Computer” for this round. It seems a very appropriate title. I wonder if it’s better than the temporary title I picked before. Hmmm? I really should keep better track of that sh*t.


New Euphonic Dissonance Music


So there is another track for the hungry masses. Hope you like it and hope you leave lots of juicy comments about it. Don’t forget to click on the banner below and pick up our first album if you like our music.

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Too Many Dorks With Too Much Time on Their Hands

by on Apr.01, 2009, under UNCATEGORIZED

I love the internet. If you ever feel like you haven’t accomplished much in your life just search around the internet and you are sure to find someone that is more pathetic than you will ever be. The internet has opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of people out there in the big wide world that have absolutely no life. I would love to make fun of these people but in a way I have to admit that I envy them.

Wouldn’t you love to have time to do something like this

Talk about way too much time on your hands.

Talk about way too much time on your hands.

Nothing like spending all of your spare time working on marvelous lego creations. I love legos and I’d love to have the time to do this.

Or maybe something like….I don’t know….this…..

Yeah….you’re going to actually have to go to another site to enjoy this one. Click the link!!!

Nothing like taking the time to bash a group of people for wearing strange clothes and playing games. Good stuff!

And then there are all the terrible videos on YouTube. Good lord there is a lot of crap on there.

I salute you!!! If you are one of these bored individuals that has no life….I salute you!!! You great wastes of space….I want to be like you. Oh, wait, I am like you, because I’m posting this stupid blog about you. How ironic.

Well, I gotta go…..gonna work on my “I Hate Kenny G” website. I also hate people that play characters named Kenny G in role playing games.

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