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Vaccinations : Really Zombie Mind Control

by on Jan.20, 2011, under MUSIC, POLITICS, TECH MESSIAH

Ask yourself the following question: Is it possible that a secret organization might be trying to reprogram your internal matrix by adding nanotechnology to your vaccinations and flu shots? Could that ever happen?

swallow your brainwashing nanotech pill

No! Sounds silly doesn’t it? But then you start to think about how the FDA keeps failing the american people and you begin to wonder. You look at the destroyed economy – the world collapsing around you – driving by so many empty buildings – entire towns looking like desolate zombie wastelands. When will this madness end??!!! And then you start to think it just might be possible – someone could place subtle messages delivered to our lazy human brains inside a syringe allowing it to be injected directly into our bodies via the common flu shot. The flu shot that the media keeps telling you is absolutely essential for your survival. Why are they in such a hurry? What’s their motivation?

And then the birds begin to fall from the sky – dead!!! And then the fish. And then you read this…

From The Bohol Standard Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

WARNING: Drug Cartel behind spread of HINI Virus?

**World leading drug-industry investigators have uncovered stunning documents proving an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, America’s leading consumer health expert, and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released shocking proof in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind everything you ever heard about pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence powerful industrialists are operating a crime ring within the “Partnership for New York City ” (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions seen everywhere from supermarkets to health clinics.**

And then you stop and realize that the war has already begun. The Tech Messiah is inside of everyone. Anyone who has received a inoculation or injection of any kind can now be remapped – redesigned – reprogrammed. They can be turned into Nano Controlled Zombies at the flip of a switch.

Scary, huh? Let’s all take a moment to relax – sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of progressive industrial band Euphonic Dissonance. Now take a deep breath –  try to focus – cause we gotta get more ammo before the zombies arrive.


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First TECH MESSIAH ZOMBIE seen in Louisiana

by on Jan.18, 2011, under MUSIC, RELIGION, TECH MESSIAH

Euphonic Dissonance brings you the hot breaking news from the front of the TECH MESSIAH conflict.

We now have pictorial evidence of the existence of TECH MESSIAH zombies. This first picture was taken in Louisiana. We call these poor creatures INQUISITOR ZOMBIES. Their only purpose in life is to expose those who don’t support the TECH MESSIAH movement. Bringing heretics back to council so that they can be brought to confession.

Tech Messiah Zombie Sited in Louisiana

This picture was caught on a hunter’s deer-cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it and so was this image. CLICK HERE to see the original news blog.

As the Tech Messiah rises you can expect to hear more of these sitings in the future. We will keep you updated on all these new events as they unfold. Thanks for reading our blog and be sure to download our music so that you’ll have it to listen to during the apocalypse.


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by on Dec.30, 2009, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian reports on the recording of the TECH MESSIAH album…..

If you’ve been paying attention you will know that I’ve been working on this little track temporarily titled BUM BUM. Well, it finally has lyrics and a proper name. This track will now be known as MINISTRY OF HATE and here are the lyrics which I hope to be recording to vocals very soon.


© 2009 Euphonic Dissonance

Verse 1

Clinically adjusted
Obedient and trusted
Hearts in mainline
Critically designed
I fashion you to be one of us
I pattern you to be one of us
Step back in line
Lock step in time
Identify now what you are
We know he’s observing
Our way of life he’s preserving
I fit you in to be one of us
I fix you to be part of us

Verse 2

Hook up – Jack in
Just a taste – Then you’ll feel embraced
We fashion you to be one of us
We pattern you to be one of us
Flashing lights captivate you
Find yourself passing through
Formation in time
Lock step in line
We know he’s monitoring
To him we cling
We fit you in to be one of us
We fix you to be one with us
Can’t you feel it slipping in
Piercing through your skin
We fashion you to be one of us
We pattern you to be part of us

Verse 3

How frail is the human eye
How small is our piece of pie
But that’s about to change
Nothing will ever be the same
We fashion you to be all of us
We pattern you to be one with us
Step back in line
Lock step in time
We look the same
We act the same
I force you till you’re one with us
I fix you to be all of us
Our heart’s receiving
In him believing
We know he’s observing
Our way of life preserving
I’ll kick your head in till you’re one with us
I’ll beat you down till you’re part of us


You belong here
Welcome to the Ministry of Hate
Our mission is quite clear
We are the Ministry of Hate
Those people there – they don’t look straight
Introduce them to the Ministry of Hate
We belong here
Hello from the Ministry of Hate
Our goal is crystal clear
We are the Ministry of Hate
Only safe thing to do is discriminate
Show them freaks the Ministry of Hate

Well…..there you go. Another fine song with lyrics attached to it. Very angry lyrics that I’m not entirely sure I like. Matter of fact I may just scrap the hook completely. I like the verses but I hate the hook. I just don’t know….

I’ll sleep on it and decide tomorrow. You should give me  input on this one. Do you think I’m too preachy? That’s funny…I’m working on an album about a friggin’ Tech Messiah and I’m worried about sounding preachy in my songs.

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Regina Spektor’s New Album FAR – Brian falls in love with MACHINE song

by on Jul.07, 2009, under MUSIC

This album is an absolute MUST HAVE  item. I official give it the Euphonic Dissonance 5 star award. This is the first time anyone will have received this illustrious award. The five star award goes to Regina Spektor for her newest album FAR. Congratulations Regina …. you deserve it.


No seriously people !!!! This album is friggin’ cool.

Ah, thank you Regina. You’ve given me more fodder for my Tech Messiah craze. Your new song MACHINE speaks to me in angry – sultry ways.

Here I am listening to Regina’s new album and I’m suddenly washed over by a tide of anger. I think it’s anger (I never like to assume what the author intends. I wasn’t there. I don’t know what was in their head.) or at least it seems like anger. The song is so aggressive. It’s damn sexy. I seriously want to cover this song but I never follow through on doing cover songs. I’m fickle like that.

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Big Brother Is Watching

by on Mar.27, 2009, under POLITICS

For proper inspiration one should listen to the Ministry song “Faith Collapsing” from their The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste album. In this world of wire tapping and cameras watching your every move – well, I can’t imagine anything more interesting to write a song about. This track is almost finished and should be posted soon.


© 2008 Euphonic Dissonance / Aromatone Records

should have paid attention
when the corporations shut our mouths
tied us to a chair
and turned the lights out
in god we trust
on the tit of the government
we suck
pay attention to the screen
remember what you’ve seen
in god we trust
god i hope they remember us
in god we trust
in god we trust
and they say to hell with it
they say oh to hell with it
here comes a candle
to light you to bed
can’t express our point of view
you know exactly what to do
just keep it bottled in
don’t say it, it’s a sin
running around in the rat race
gotta save a little face
just keep it bottled in
don’t say it – it’s a sin
he’s not our messiah
we don’t have to like it
just pray they don’t find us
kick in doors and crush heads
terror swelling to compelling
can’t trust the government
in god we trust
where’s that getting us
hope you like guns
bullet to each head
fade with defined precision
fade to gray with intention
tuck in tight baby girl
daddy’s gonna rule the world
here comes a candle
to light you to bed
here comes a chopper
to chop off your head
iron bars on windows
look at them through the peephole
paranoid delusion
or striking reality
in god we trust
in god we trust
doesn’t seem to matter much
worshipping your idols
here comes a candle
choppers overhead
remain standing
do not move until ordered
rest your precious head
caress away the pain
tuck in tight baby girl

daddy’s gonna rule the world

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