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by on Jun.30, 2015, under POETRY | LYRICS



Conceal the truth

but it’s still a lie

Hide your true feelings deep inside

I now realize love is truly blind

Because I never saw a thing.

All along you were playing me

and I was too in love to truly see

That I was wasting my breath

Wasting my time

Wasting my life!

When you’re too close

Sometimes that’s when it’s hardest to see.

You care too much to believe they’d do you harm

but all along they’re fucking you

You have no idea of the things they do when they are gone.

Now it’s truly over.

It’s all truly over.

And I wonder if I’m just paranoid.

I’m just a little bit obsessed

and I’ve been a bit depressed

But I’m picking up these pieces one by one.

And I wonder what kind of man I will be

Now that you’ve taken this huge piece of me


How long until I learn to trust again?

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Musing Moon

by on Jun.30, 2015, under POETRY | LYRICS


Separated by distance

Deep in the night

And the moon looks so bright

A half moon covered by clouds

Blocking certain memories out

I wonder if you remember the things that I do

Caught up in my mind

In stanza and rhyme

I’ll never forget the moments we shared

I wrote them all down

So they wouldn’t drown

In the seas of my malcontent

The circle must not be broken

They cycle must stay the same

For the universe must maintain

And it is here we must remain

But I’m looking for the message

Desperately digging through the ruins

Trying to find meaning

And realizing it’s probably right in front of me

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Win Prizes from Euphonic Dissonance – join our street team

by on Jul.06, 2011, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Want a chance to win cool Euphonic Dissonance gear? We’re finally rolling out a street team signup where you’ll have a chance to win prizes and gifts from your favorite progressive industrial band – Euphonic Dissonance. All you have to do to win the prizes is play our music for your friends, advertise upcoming shows, tell everyone that the Tech Messiah is coming and ask them to accept the soothing sounds of Euphonic Dissonance into their heart. Be sure to click on the box that says JOIN THE STREET TEAM then click on SUBMIT. If you just want to be on our mailing list then don’t check the box.

We’re looking forward to giving out street team missions. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see given away as Street Team Prizes then please leave a comment on this blog. Expect more information soon.

Want more free mP3’s  from Euphonic Dissonance?

JOIN THE FREE MP3 CLUB SIGN UP for Euphonic Dissonance’s FREE MP3 CLUB now and receive free, exclusive MP3s, plus the latest inside info on Euphonic Dissonance in emails direct from the band.

All emails introduce some free web content – and your address will be kept under lock and key and never made available to any third parties.

Confirm email




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INSIDE STUDIO – Pink Floyd meets Euphonic Dissonance

by on Apr.04, 2011, under MUSIC, POLITICS, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian brings you the latest on Euphonic Dissonance’s newest song…

Here’s a sneak peak of our newest song we’re working on. It’s “Not Now John” originally recorded by Pink Floyd on their THE FINAL CUT album way back in 1983.

Progressive Industrial band Euphonic Dissonance perform Pink Floyd song Not Now John

Decided we just had to do this track after someone who had never heard the original Pink Floyd song mistook it for something Euphonic Dissonance recorded. Flattery will get you everywhere. Needless to say – we had to indulge this bright new idea and try our best to create this song in our image while still retaining its original raw energy. Not an easy task.

We have most of the foundation of the song recorded. Now we need to build the frame and put a roof on it by adding vocals and lead guitar. There seems to be a lot of excitement about what we have created – and it isn’t finished yet. Hopefully you will feel that same excitement when you listen to this new track:

New Euphonic Dissonance Music

CLICK HERE TO HEAR Not Now John *rough draft* performed by Euphonic Dissonance originally recorded by Pink Floyd – Copyright Pink Floyd Music Ltd 1983.

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to the track you should take a just a moment to tell us your impression of the piece. Thanks for listening. Expect more soon.



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Euphonic Dissonance brings progressive industrial music to ReverbNation

by on Jan.19, 2011, under MUSIC, UPDATES

Euphonic Dissonance is opening up more ways to keep their fans updated. You can now find us on This dandy little site provides musicians with the ability to spam the crap out of anyone – anywhere on the internet. It’s the one stop internet advertisement shop for the musician with access to facebook, twitter, myspace, wordpress, yahoo, blogger and more. Post one update and it goes to all your different sites – all at the same time. No more jumping from site to site trying to figure out their weird individual quirks. This seems to be a recent trend amongst websites designed for musicians and we gotta say – we like where it’s going.


We’ve already found some great new music on this site. Discovered Bang Bang Rouge on ReverbNation.

Electronica/Dance / Industrial / Rock bang bang rouge

This industrial, electronic dance group is quite good. You should really give them a listen. Some tracks are reminiscent of Portishead. It’s really great stuff.

Give us a visit at ReverbNation and tell us what you think of our new home. Thanks and we love you all.



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Psalm 69 Ad Campaign launch and Link to Euphonic Dissonance Website

by on Jan.06, 2011, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES


Euphonic Dissonance rolls out their new promo campaign for the Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep song. We recently had the opportunity to work on this phenomenal track originally recorded by industrial music giants Ministry.

Our digital music distribution website of choice is a website called We like it there. It’s cozy and you can warm your feet next to their virtual fire. Plus, they allow Euphonic Dissonance to distribute music to anyone who has access to iTunes, Amazon, MySpace Music, eMusic, Napster (who still uses Napster?) – yeah, lots of kick ass sites.

Welly well, Tunecore decides to have this over-the-top contest where they team-up with Paul Barker from Ministry and release the bass part and all the samples for their hit song Psalm 69. Contestants were encouraged to make the song their own and that’s exactly what we did. Here is our new ad for Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep. Just click on it to be magically moved to iTunes and hear a sample of our new song. Below the picture you will find html code that you can copy and add to your website if you’d like to help us promote this amazing new song. We appreciate the help.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

<a href="" target="itunes_store"><img src="" alt="Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance"</a>

And speaking of help … we want to thank Matt Hayes on Facebook for helping improve our performance. Yeah, he’s better than Viagra. Matt asked if he could help promote Euphonic Dissonance and made us realize how unprepared we were for such a request. He’s the reason we wrote this blog and we think he deserves a reward. Matt Hayes on Facebook you are now officially the FIRST PERSON TO RECEIVE A FREE COPY of the song PSALM 69 – REWIRED SHEEP. Hope you like the song. We”ll contact you on Facebook and we’ll work out the details of getting an mp3 sent to you.

And to help you in your quest to promote our music we’re providing you with a banner link to our official webpage below. And again, we’ve place the html code to post the banner on a website directly under the picture. We appreciate all the new friends Matt has introduced us to. Thanks Matt.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>

And here is a promotional TECH MESSIAH poster – background – maybe future album cover for everyone to download and do with as they like. Click the image if you want this bad boy in full size. It’s kinda big.

Euphonic Dissonance TECH MESSIAH poster | computer background 2000X1500 jpg

Hope to see that on all the backgrounds of all the laptops at the local Starbucks soon.

Well, everyone have fun in this new year and expect more stuff soon from Progressive Industrial Band – Euphonic Dissonance. Oh, and we’ll even include the html code for the closing blog ad which links to our iTunes general store.

Transitions - Euphonic Dissonance

<a href=";offerid=146261&amp;type=3&amp;subid=0&amp;tmpid=1826&amp;" target="itunes_store"><img style="border: 0;" src="" alt="Transitions - Euphonic Dissonance" /></a>
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by on Jun.27, 2010, under TECH MESSIAH

A very special thanks to all our friends at ASSIMILATION in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is absolutely the best DARK DANCE event in the area. We talked to a lot of people and made new friends. Here’s some great video footage of the event.

We had a lot of fun and we look forward to the next ASSIMILATION. They do this event every month so don’t miss the next one. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this event such a success. Love you all.

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INSIDE STUDIO – brand spankin’ new track

by on Mar.04, 2010, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian reports on the recording of the TECH MESSIAH album.

Wanna hear a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW SONG from the Euphonic Dissonance crew? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Brian has just finished the groundwork for a new song that is temporarily being called zippityzipzip. Yeah, there is no method to this naming of temp tracks thing. Get used to it.

New Euphonic Dissonance Music


CLICK HERE to hear the new song ZIPPITYZIPZIP

Sarah said the bridge has ring of Boards of Canada. That’s nice. What do you think it sounds like?

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ED’s New Blog

by on Mar.17, 2009, under UPDATES

Well, here it is in all of it’s glory. The new site for Euphonic Dissonance blogs. It opens with the launch of the newest webpage from the EDs. Glad you could join us. Be sure to leave lots and lots of words and sentences on this site. Over the next few days I will be posting some of our previous blogs so that should keep everyone occupied for awhile. You’ll get to comment on them all over again…..hmmm…..somehow that sounded naughty.

Oh, if you haven’t checked us out already…..look us up on iTunes. Download a song while you’re there.

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