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Winner of the Ministry – Psalm 69 Remake Contest is ….


Brian of Euphonic Dissonance with news on the results of the Ministry|Tunecore|Fix – Remake Psalm 69 Contest ….

The winners for the Ministry|Tunecore|Fix – Remake Psalm 69 Contest have been announced and sorry to say it’s not Euphonic Dissonance. Yeah, I know –  bummer huh? It’s okay though. We were so excited to be able to work on the music of this impressive industrial rock band. Ministry defines industrial rock and we can’t wait to see the new documentary movie when it comes out in theaters.

69 Psalmpled | Voltergeist

So who won? The prize – be featured on Fix: The Ministry Movie soundtrack  — goes to  — BOTH Deadly Apples from Canada and Voltergeist from Scotland. Wow, we only expected one band to win but they throw us this crazy curveball. Two bands will be featured on the album. Voltergeist’s take on the song is titled 69 Psalmpled. This half-time dub stomper will lull you off into a world where the sheeple happily accept their fate. It’s quite an entrancingly dark track. Great work Voltergeist.

Unfortunately, at the time of posting this blog – I’ve been unable to find Deadly Apples version of the song anywhere on the internet. Please leave a comment if you know the location of their song.

Don’t fret Euphonic Dissonance fans – the life of our version of the song is far from over. I felt rushed in creating the mix of this song because we waited until the last minute and were up against a deadline. I think the song can be vastly improved and maybe included on the upcoming Tech Messiah album. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or perhaps re-released when the FIX movie comes out. Also cool. Who knows what will happen but you can expect to hear this song again and it will improve. Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep may still find a higher place in the progressive industrial works of Euphonic Dissonance. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Feb15, 2011 – Tunecore has posted a blog on the winners and there is a link to the Deadly Apples version of the song there. CLICK HERE to check it out.


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Euphonic Dissonance re-imagines Ministry’s Psalm 69 Part 3


Brian hits us with an update on the remake of Ministry’s song “Psalm 69” performed by Euphonic Dissonance.

We’re making good progress and should definitely be able to make the contest deadline at the end of December. Some of the other songs have been put to the side until this little gem is finished. We’re working on a deadline, sorry, other stuff will have to wait. We’ll be entering this song into the contest. Winner will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack for the movie FIX (a documentary on Ministry).

The track is truly starting to take form. Now you’ll be listening to an entire song rather than just half of a song faded after the bridge. Isn’t that exciting? Okay, settle down. Here’s the song.

CLICK HERE to hear Ministry Remake PSALM 69 Draft 3

Yeah, we had some down time due to the holidays – god bless us everyone – but as you can hear we are right back at it and recording some great stuff. I gotta say – it’s been a real pleasure to play guitar alongside a bass playing legend such as Paul Barker.

Don’t know about you guys but we are really looking forward to seeing this movie. Subscribe to our blog so you can read the next installment and hear all the new things we’ve added to this amazing new song featuring original samples of Ministry’s PSALM 69.

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Euphonic Dissonance re-imagines Ministry’s Psalm 69 Part 2

by on Nov.28, 2010, under MUSIC, UPDATES

Progressive industrial music group Euphonic Dissonance takes on the task of re-imagining the Ministry song PSALM 69. Here’s an update on their progress. This song will be entered into a contest to be featured in the upcoming movie soundtrack for FIX – a movie about Ministry.

Here’s what a certain Ministry’s Psalm 69 sounds like when you pump it through the Euphonic Dissonance musical grinder. What’s different than the previous blog about this song? – well, we added some delightfully distorted guitars to the mix. Their just rough cuts on the guitar parts. Will hopefully do some more work on that tomorrow but got caught up in rounding out the song in other ways. Sorry for the bridge fade but there isn’t much going on beyond the bridge that isn’t a train wreck. That will be resolved very soon.

MInistry Remake Psalm 69 – rough draft 2 fade at bridge

Trying to drop some very subtle hip-hop elements into the drum mix. Can’t wait till this bad angry child is fully grown.
Such a great song and we are having a great time working on this one.

and now…..some fun Ministry lyrics

tell me something i don’t know
show me something i can’t use
push the button
connect the goddamned dots
live-in thief in my bedroom bathroom
commodity sodomy glass autonomy
promise everything take it all away
give it a rest
you’re lying through your teeth
you’re lying through your teeth
who what which why who
when did you say the earth would stop turning?
when did you say we would all start burning?
when should i make a pledge?
should i listen to the voices in my head?
connect the goddamned dots
connect the goddamned dots
connect the goddamned dots
who am i trying to impress?
who could care less?
tell me something i don’t know
lyrics for tvII – psalm 69 album by ministry

Love everyone. Leave us luscious comments about how much you love Ministry’s music. Thanks.

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Euphonic Dissonance re-imagines Ministry’s Psalm 69

by on Nov.22, 2010, under MOVIES | TELEVISION, MUSIC, UPDATES

Great news. Euphonic Dissonance will be working on a re-thinking of Ministry’s song “Psalm 69”. We’re going to be submitting our little tidbit into this fine contest put together by Tunecore and Ministry. We are so frikkin’ pumped about this.

Paul Barker (bass guitarist, producer and engineer for Ministry) is providing bass tracks and all the samples for producing the song. He’ll also be judging the contest. Our stuff is going to be heard by one of the founding members of Ministry whether we win or not – again folks – THIS IS HUGE!!!! If we win the contest our song will be included on the companion album to the film.

Here is the original song and corresponding video.

If video not displayed – CLICK HERE to hear Ministry’s PSALM 69

So here is a sample of the track that we are currently working on for the contest. It’s very rough but should give you a feel for where this is going.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR – Euphonic Dissonance / Ministry Remake Psalm 69 – rough draft 1

Sorry about that chaotic ending to the song. If you actually made it to the end there is a chaotic little mistake that’s quite loud and abrasive. Well, that’s all for now. I imagine you’ll hear more on our progress very soon. So, Ministry fans – what’s your favorite Ministry song?

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