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Scientists discover the Tech Messiah link to Apple computers


Scientists have accidentally unearthed the Tech Messiah plot and they don’t even know they did it. To read about the Tech Messiah story CLICK HERE.

cult_of_mac Mind Control

Is it possible that Apple computers could be involved in the Tech Messiah takeover? A recent discovery by British neuroscientists certainly seems to verify such suspicions. Having performed a brain scan on an Apple zealot, these neuroscientists declared that Apple was a religion!  The neuroscientists had previously scanned brains of the religiously faithful and saw markedly similar results.

CLICK HERE to read original article – Scientists: Apple makes your brain go all religious

apple tech messiah invasion

So yet another sign in the coming apocalypse and rising new order of the Tech Messiah has been delivered unto us all. We can choose to prepare or we can sit back and wait to become mindless zombies in the service of The Messiah. It’s your choice. Think about it before you pick up that iPhone. You only have to come in contact with the device just once and Apple’s specially designed nanotech virus will seep through your skin and turn you into one of them.

apple Tech Messiah zombies

Do us all a favor and smash your iPhone now before it’s too late!!!! Don’t be fooled by the ease of use and reliability – it’s only there to lure you in and take over your brain.

Don’t want to smash your iPhone? Well, Euphonic Dissonance have a solution for you. Click the picture of the iPod below and you will be transported to our iTunes account. There you can download our progressive industrial music. We have secretly embed a anti-nanotech neuro-blocking rotating frequency that will sever you from the Tech Messiah’s mind control signal. You can then enjoy our music and live your life again.

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Nanotech delivery of Salvation – Be careful which cosmetics you buy


Delivering Tech Salvation

Delivering Tech Salvation


Click on the picture to be delivered to an article that will show you the truth about what the government is really working on. They say they are developing new more efficient energy strategies, better health care, a healthier planet – and yet nothing ever seems to get better. Nothing really ever CHANGES!!! The truth is those are all just smoke screens for their real agenda. Soon you all will march lock step to the beat of a new drum. You will be driven to productivity by the constant throbbing inside your skull. They will sell these things to you in the form of cosmetics. They will wash away your sins (and your individuality) with new products developed in the labs of DARPA. George Orwell would have sh*t himself if he had lived to see Big Brother crawl through a humans pours and bury propaganda deep inside the living tissue. Thank god for technology. Praise our Tech Messiah. Soon all will call out to him with devotion and praise because the nanotech has latched onto your brainstem and you have no choice. Beware those with too much power. Beware the social elite because all they want to do is control the sheep.

I repeat …. stop using cosmetics. Microwave them before use – that should kill the nanotechnology inside.

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More Unfinished Songs from the upcoming Tech Messiah album

by on Aug.16, 2009, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH

Here’s a new track for our thirsty fans. If you read the last blog that contained the Crunkin’ Messiah track you’ll hear that it’s coming along quite nicely. Almost sounds like an entire song now. Definitely has a feel to it now. I pulled out the old Boss Hyper Fuzz pedal for the guitar in the hook of the song. God that thing sounds great. That don’t make that pedal anymore.


Be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think of this track.

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Stick It In Me All The Way

by on Mar.25, 2009, under MUSIC

Roll up your sleeve
Let the wires snake up under your skin
Feel it enter in
Shudder slightly at the prick
It’s just a little stick
Close your eyes and curl your toes
The nanobots enter you through the hose
Bring about the most vivid dreams
Finger the spot
Insert the needle
Sweet oblivion waits
He beckons you to be with him
You fade away
Forget the world
Dreaming only of fragrant nectarines and a cool spring breeze
None of this is real
None of it is really what it seems
Don’t dwell on such things
Just accept this life
It’s so much easier when we medicate
So much easier to hesitate

© 2008 Euphonic Dissonance / Aromatone Records

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