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Brian tells us our future. It’s one where everyone wears crazy leather outfits.

Doing research on apocalypse movies and came across this great old poster.

What a great outfit. The law has never looked so good. All that tight leather. I so want to wear this outfit for a stage show.

Yes, before Mel Gibson came to be known as just a racist, hatemonger – he was an unknown and upcoming actor. This is the movie that made his career.

Mad Max is a 1979 Australian dystopian action film directed by George Miller and written by Miller and Byron Kennedy. The film’s starring role is played by the then relatively unknown Mel Gibson. Its narrative based around the traditional western genre, Mad Max tells a story of breakdown of society, murder, and vengeance. It became a top-grossing Australian film and has been credited for further opening up the global market to Australian New Wave films. The film was also notable for being the first Australian film to be shot with a widescreen anamorphic lens. (

If you like apocalypse movies and you haven’t seen this movie then you are missing out. This started the triology. The next two movies are THE ROAD WARRIOR and MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME. Way to keep the titles consistent guys!!! According to wikipedia there is a fourth installment under production. I’m looking forward to seeing Mad Max 4: Fury Road.
Yeah, somehow I doubt Mel Gibson will be in this one. Not because he’s too old but because he’s a racist hatemonger…..and he’s too old. Sorry Mel…. hatemonger.

Come on guys – just give Mel a small cameo in it somewhere. There were movie producers willing to use Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) after masturbating publicly in an adult theater. However, somehow I see a big divide between being PUBLICLY RACIST and PUBLICLY PLEASURING YOURSELF!!! Call me crazy. Hollywood probably won’t make that same distinction. Maybe they will just CG him in like they did Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation.

And you wonder why I want to see this world burn?

Maybe Pee Wee was watching a movie with these girls in the movie.

That’s some good nerd toss-off material there. Seeing as how nerds rule the world – I imagine there’s a lot of this going around. Has anyone found porn with Seven of Nine, Kathryn Janeway and T’Pol in a threesome? It’s not for me – It’s for a friend.

Here are some new designs we’re working on for the TECH MESSIAH project. Can you guess what they are – or rather what they were before we photoshopped the hell out of them?

Expect to see this symbol in future productions from the Euphonic Dissonance Secret Lab of World Destruction.

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Best Wolverine Video Game Ever – Logan like he was meant to be

by on Mar.22, 2010, under BOOKS, MOVIES | TELEVISION

Brian of Euphonic Dissonance babbles on about his favorite comic book hero – Wolverine.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is hands down the best Wolverine video game to hit the market EVER. Why? Because it’s so frikkin’ bloody and violent that’s why. That’s the reason Wolverine fans are Wolverine fans. We get a giggle seeing people sliced open with razor sharp pointy things. There is no lack of blood in this game. If you’re squeamish don’t watch the following video!!!!! If you want to see Wolverine plunge his claws through a wall and clean into a guys head then watch the video cause you’re in for a treat.

{If your computer is SUPER FAST you should raise the resolution from 360p to 720p. It looks so much better that way}

I wish the matching movie would have been that friggin’ cool. Well, like the Rolling Stones said, “you can’t always get what you want.” Is Rob Zombie available to do a Wolverine movie? Then I might get my desired effect.

Now….yeah…..that was just a cut scene but there is no limit to the blood spilled via the SNIKTY SNIKT of claws in the game play. There is a move in the game called a quick kill that allows you to do terrible things to your enemies in the style of Wolverine in the comic. For instance ….. you can raise a guy over your head with one hand and gut him with your claws on the other hand ……. repeatedly. Here’s a nice little video showing the Wolvie mayhem in action.

Now ….. if those videos don’t convince you that this video game is worth picking up then I suppose you are one of those Wolverine fans that reads the comics for the love stories. Well, then this isn’t really the game for you … sorry. Everyone else needs to pick this one up. Make sure you get the UNCAGED edition because the other ones aren’t nearly as violent. Just finished playing through it again and I just wish there were more characters to gut. Can we say expansion pack? Maybe when the next movie comes I’ll get that wish. That would be magical.

Hopefully in the next post we’ll have more music for you but until then here’s a link that will take you to our iTunes page. Click it …. it’s pretty.

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X-men Origins Wolverine – Stupid Frikkin’ Silly Bone Claws

by on May.03, 2009, under MOVIES | TELEVISION

I have a confession to make. I’m a huge fan of the X-Men character Wolverine. I have been collecting comics about him since childhood and that is primarily the only comic book I will read. I’m kinda a Wolverine snob in comic book reading circles. I’m the guy who pisses off all the other comic reading dorks because I think that Wolverine can kill all their favorite sissy ass characters in a fight to the death.

Ah, nerds rule the world!!!

It’s true. Nerds now rule the world. Look at all the comic book based movies that are out. All the video game based movies. Are there any movies that aren’t nerd based? Frikkin’ Michael Bay is doing Transformer movies for god’s sake. What kind of topsy turvy world is this that I’m living in?

I digress.

Bone claws!!!! They went and gave Wolverine bone-frikkin’-claws in the movie!!!

Wolverine With His Bone Claws He So Very Young

Wolverine With His Bone Claws He So Very Young

I hate BONE CLAWS!!! What kind of smeckpepper sauce were the producers of this movie on when they decided to give my favorite frikkin’ character in the world of comics bone claws????!!!!! I’ve been reading Wolverine comics since the 1970’s and this bone claw thing is a recent invention of the early 90’s. It was jammed into the story to fill a hole. Before that readers were led to believe that Wolverine didn’t have the claws until the Weapon X project (the part in the movie where they put all that cool metal onto his skeleton). We were led to believe that tube like structures were surgically installed into his forearm to house the blades. Here’s some graphical representations to help you understand what the hell I’m babbling on about.

Wolverine Is On the Left - Whats all that crazy stuff inside his arm?

Wolverine Is On the Left - What's all that crazy stuff inside his arm?

Whats That On The Left? No Bone Claws Here.

What's That On The Left? No Bone Claws Here.

I rest my case. The bone claw thing is silly and pisses me off. When Marvel ran that story in the comic I wanted to go burn their building to the ground (it’s okay Marvel…I’ve gotten better since then….I would never hurt Stan Lee….and you probably have more than one building).

Beyond that I’ve got other gripes but I’ll leave them dormant for now.

The fight scenes were phenomenal. I could watch those over and over and over. The interaction between Victor Creed (Sabertooth) and Wolvy was off the charts. Hell, I even liked Gambit in this movie and I’ve never liked Gambit in the comics or animated cartoons. I’m glad the included the scene with Wolvy as a child. Kids around the world are pretending they are Wolverine right now…..Going through the silverware and making mommies good knives into Wolverine claws. Snikt!

Wolverine and Sabertooth Face Off

Wolverine and Sabertooth Face Off

Sarah is not a reader of the comic and she said the movie seemed to leave parts of the story out. I tend to agree with her. So many mixed emotions about this movie. It’s so confusing. I need a drink.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to see a Wolverine movie made in my lifetime – but if I made it – well… would be better. NO – it would be perfect.

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Too Many Dorks With Too Much Time on Their Hands

by on Apr.01, 2009, under UNCATEGORIZED

I love the internet. If you ever feel like you haven’t accomplished much in your life just search around the internet and you are sure to find someone that is more pathetic than you will ever be. The internet has opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of people out there in the big wide world that have absolutely no life. I would love to make fun of these people but in a way I have to admit that I envy them.

Wouldn’t you love to have time to do something like this

Talk about way too much time on your hands.

Talk about way too much time on your hands.

Nothing like spending all of your spare time working on marvelous lego creations. I love legos and I’d love to have the time to do this.

Or maybe something like….I don’t know….this…..

Yeah….you’re going to actually have to go to another site to enjoy this one. Click the link!!!

Nothing like taking the time to bash a group of people for wearing strange clothes and playing games. Good stuff!

And then there are all the terrible videos on YouTube. Good lord there is a lot of crap on there.

I salute you!!! If you are one of these bored individuals that has no life….I salute you!!! You great wastes of space….I want to be like you. Oh, wait, I am like you, because I’m posting this stupid blog about you. How ironic.

Well, I gotta go…..gonna work on my “I Hate Kenny G” website. I also hate people that play characters named Kenny G in role playing games.

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