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New music from Euphonic Dissonance – sneak peak of their newest song

by on Aug.22, 2011, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Hello everyone. Brian of Euphonic Dissonance here with an update on our progress.

We’re back to toiling away on the Tech Messiah album deep within Aromatone Studios. It’s been awhile since we’ve worked on anything. Took a bit of a break to deal with this thing called life in this world that’s out of control. I found myself sorting through what we have worked on and I found this sweet little unfinished song. Realizing that we haven’t released anything in quite some time I thought it might be nice to give you something that lets you know we’re still alive and we’ve recently started kicking. Kicking is fun. So is setting stuff on fire. I probably just flagged myself as a potential looter suspect in the recent U.K. riots with the previous two sentences.

Again, this is only a rough draft of this song. It doesn’t have a title yet. It’s mostly bass and drum but I still find it quite moving even at this stage. Hope you enjoy the new track.

CLICK HERE to HEAR Euphonic Dissonance’s NEWEST SONG Fleet Of Mac Trucks (rough draft and tentative title)

New Euphonic Dissonance Music Download

CLICK HERE to HEAR Euphonic Dissonance’s NEWEST SONG Fleet Of Mac Trucks (rough draft and tentative title)

Hope you like the new song. Please leave us a comment telling what you think. Thanks to everyone for the support.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

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Win Prizes from Euphonic Dissonance – join our street team

by on Jul.06, 2011, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Want a chance to win cool Euphonic Dissonance gear? We’re finally rolling out a street team signup where you’ll have a chance to win prizes and gifts from your favorite progressive industrial band – Euphonic Dissonance. All you have to do to win the prizes is play our music for your friends, advertise upcoming shows, tell everyone that the Tech Messiah is coming and ask them to accept the soothing sounds of Euphonic Dissonance into their heart. Be sure to click on the box that says JOIN THE STREET TEAM then click on SUBMIT. If you just want to be on our mailing list then don’t check the box.

We’re looking forward to giving out street team missions. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see given away as Street Team Prizes then please leave a comment on this blog. Expect more information soon.

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Euphonic Dissonance on the labeling of Progressive Industrial music

by on Jun.22, 2011, under MUSIC

progressive industrial music - new music genre

Brian explains why Euphonic Dissonance is labeled as progressive industrial music

I must confess – I do tend to drift away from the self prescribed genre picked for Euphonic Dissonance when I’m writing songs but I can’t help it. If you are expecting ED to puzzle piece fit into the progressive industrial genre then you’re definitely going to be upset when you hear the full repertoire of our musical catalog. There are just too many wonderfully different styles of music in the world to listen to and learn from. How can a person possibly constrain themselves to just one style? In my mind – such a concept seems ludicrous and yet I chose to label the band with a very limiting genre distinction. Why?

Because, if I hadn’t chosen a label for this band someone else would. So I took the initiative and created a label that I felt best described the project in a broad sense. I simply combined two of the greatest influences on the creation of the band: progressive rock and industrial music. By doing this we created a new genre that didn’t exist before. The Progressive Industrial Music Genre was born.

Does that mean we can only perform those styles of music? Of course it doesn’t. We will continue to experiment with all sorts of musical genres for our own personal amusement and hopefully the amusement of others. We will continue to examine different styles such as aggrotech, electronic rock, techno, indie rock and dubstep. And in a pinch –  we will always be able to rely on our progressive industrial roots.

If you were going to pick a genre for Euphonic Dissonance what style would it be? Here are a few songs to help you decide.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to tell us the style you chose for us. We look forward to reading your responses.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

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Progressive Industrial free music download on the

by on Jun.05, 2011, under MUSIC


In our efforts to get our music into the hands of as many people as possible we have posted our first album on the for free download. Oh, for the record, Euphonic Dissonance supports net neutrality and the PirateBay. Now all you little pirates can get your progressive industrial music fix and it’s only a torrent download away.


CLICK HERE to download music  – Euphonic Dissonance’s “Transitions” album from the

While you’re there please leave a comment about the album and be sure to tell all your friends about us. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy your new “Transitions” album.

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Euphonic Dissonance supports Guitars For Vets on

by on Apr.08, 2011, under POLITICS, UPDATES

Euphonic Dissonance is proud to associate with this fine organization and we strongly support what they are trying to do. 10% of our profit from advertising on will now be donated to Guitars For Vets. We hope it helps deliver more guitars into the hands of our nations heroes. We really look forward to helping Guitars For Vets in the future and who knows – maybe someday we can deliver a guitar to one of these fine soldiers personally. That would really be a thrill.

“I never thought my words or poetry were worth anything. After I started with G4V I was able to find a whole new dimension to my life that I never imagined was there. Thank you, Guitarist for Vets, for giving me another reason to keep trying, to keep being a better me, thank you.” Michael Widmer, Marine, Artist

Guitars For Vets, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that enhances the lives of ailing and injured military Veterans by providing them with guitars and music instruction. Through self-expression and the healing power of music, it is our intent to restore the feelings of joy and purpose that can be lost after suffering trauma.

Guitars For Vets (G4V) provides six free private lessons and a new acoustic guitar to military Veterans at VA medical and community-based Vet centers. All veterans are referred to us by the VA medical team in order to integrate the Guitars For Vets program into their treatment regimen. The private lessons are taught by volunteer instructors and are then followed by group sessions that provide a forum for the veterans to talk and play music with like-minded individuals, many of whom have had the same experiences, emotions and traumas. The music sessions provide a communal atmosphere. This has proven to be a catalyst that helps the Vets continue on their road to recovery and well being.

Upon graduation, each Vet in the program is presented a guitar, gig bag, strap, tuner, method book and a certificate of completion. The testimonials throughout the website capture what it has meant to some of the Vets participating in our program.

Guitars for Vets and Euphonic Dissonance
“Stopping drinking saved my life, playing guitar keeps me sober.”
– Danny Roberts, G4V Graduate

Their primary focus is the healing power of music and helping our veterans. Whether we agree or disagree with the decision to go to war, one thing is for certain there are men and women who bravely fight for and honorably represent our country. As a consequence of war, many of our soldiers come home with physical and emotional injuries. They need our help. Read the story below and you’ll have a better understanding of their mission and why they do it.

The young marine had recently returned home from the hospital after recovering from extensive physical injuries, a result of a rocket attack in Iraq that took the lives of eight of his closest friends while he and one other were sole survivors. He sat in my office expressionless and unemotional as he tried to find the words to describe his pain. He could manage only to tell of his rage-filled tirades, as if justified and understandable, yet was silent and alone with his grief.

Throughout his treatment in the 6-week VAMC’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) recovery program, many obstacles challenged him. He struggled to stay focused, yet the intrusive thoughts of his fallen comrades haunted him. He worked diligently on the writing assignments although the ringing in his ears from the rocket attacks and the resulting tinnitus were a constant physical reminder of the sights and sounds of the war zone. The effects of the traumatic brain injury and the anxiety he was trying to control kept him in a chokehold.

It wasn’t until the day he picked up a guitar, on a break from the regular classes, that he was able to begin to shed some of the pain and express the feelings he had kept so tightly in his chest. That day he bonded for the first time with the older men in the 6-week group who were survivors of another war in another time. Although their battles were waged in the jungle, rather than the desert, they listened as he sang of his blues and amplified the sting of his pain. The music reached all of them and offered a voice that had not yet been heard. Music bridges all generations. Your support of this mission will bring joy and peace to many Vets. ~ Thanks to Dr. Dona Zanotti of the Oklahoma City VAMC for this story contribution.

Well, we hope to see you on our Squidoo page. Don’t forget to buy something and help the patriotic people at Guitars For Vets. Thanks.

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Enter The Tech Messiah – Origin Story


More and more I see religion being used as a method to control an agenda. It’s always been a tool used by people to control the masses but lately it has become far more prominent a tool than I can remember in my lifetime. In the past the prominence of religious control always seems to go hand in hand with great religious abuses of power and I wonder if it is possible to have religion holding great power in a society and still have that power act in a responsible and ethical way. – from article USING RELIGION TO CONTROL OTHERS

Brian of Euphonic Dissonance here with the TECH MESSIAH ORIGIN STORY. We’ve posted this on some of the webpages but thought it might be nice to include it here in the blog. Enjoy our future apocalypse tale of a society willingly controlled by their own technology.

Euphonic Dissonance TECH MESSIAH poster | computer background 2000X1500 jpg


If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. – George Orwell – 1984

Brian Copeland and Sarah Star are working hard to bring their post apocalyptic world of the TECH MESSIAH to life on stages across America. A vision of a society that freely gives itself over to control by technology. THE WORSHIP OF TECHNOLOGY! A lesson in control and slavery. A warning about the power of religion. The TECH MESSIAH will soon come to life and evolve before your eyes. We welcome you to join us as we create the realm of the TECH MESSIAH.


The TECH MESSIAH concept was introduced to us by our friend Brad Jennings. He introduced the idea of people worshiping or praying to their electronic devices (pda, mp3 player, iPhone, etc).

Brian tells us what happened next: “I couldn’t stop dwelling on the conversation. So many of us run to buy the newest devices when they are released (Apple iPhone for example). We might even get a little angry if we don’t get exactly what we want when we want it. We might take time out of our busy day to spend an allotted amount of time with our favorite electronic gadget. We admire the device as we push the buttons and tweak the knobs. Is this our ELECTRONIC HOUR OF PRAYER? Could this be a form of worship and is it possible that people would want to be controlled if they were kept happy and content with NEW TIME SAVING DEVICES – MORE MIND WASTING ACTIVITIES? Is it possible it’s already happening and we’re currently being controlled?

Now, combine that with every apocalypse movie I’ve ever seen (which is like all of them!!!) and we have the TECH MESSIAH PROJECT. A futuristic world that is already controlled by SOLID STATE RELIGION. Messages of control beamed over radio and drilled directly into minds. You’re willing to risk a BRAIN TUMOR using your cell phone every single day – who’s to say you wouldn’t give over control of your life to TECHNOLOGY YOU KNOW AND TRUST.”



How much time do you devote in your day to prayer unto your false gods? You cannot lie to us. Do not say that you would never do such things. We’ve been watching you. You spend hours worshipping your computer. You decorate your facebook to appease vanity. You seek solace in your cell phone. You take pride in your car. You boast about the size of your television. You wear your thumb drive like jewelry – on a necklace for all to see. You are accused of being a follower of the TECH MESSIAH. You are accused of telling others of this false religion. Don’t try to deny the accusations. Is it not you that preaches almost daily to your friends and family on the benefits of owning an Apple? Was it not you that texted your entire friend list letting them know when you bought the new cell phone? Did you not invite your buddies over to watch the Super Bowl when Best Buy delivered your plasma television? You infect everyone you come in contact with. You fill their heads with dreams of heaven on earth. Salvation at the touch of a button. The washing away of all sin beeming forth from a sequence of lights and glowing bulbs.


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Winner of the Ministry – Psalm 69 Remake Contest is ….


Brian of Euphonic Dissonance with news on the results of the Ministry|Tunecore|Fix – Remake Psalm 69 Contest ….

The winners for the Ministry|Tunecore|Fix – Remake Psalm 69 Contest have been announced and sorry to say it’s not Euphonic Dissonance. Yeah, I know –  bummer huh? It’s okay though. We were so excited to be able to work on the music of this impressive industrial rock band. Ministry defines industrial rock and we can’t wait to see the new documentary movie when it comes out in theaters.

69 Psalmpled | Voltergeist

So who won? The prize – be featured on Fix: The Ministry Movie soundtrack  — goes to  — BOTH Deadly Apples from Canada and Voltergeist from Scotland. Wow, we only expected one band to win but they throw us this crazy curveball. Two bands will be featured on the album. Voltergeist’s take on the song is titled 69 Psalmpled. This half-time dub stomper will lull you off into a world where the sheeple happily accept their fate. It’s quite an entrancingly dark track. Great work Voltergeist.

Unfortunately, at the time of posting this blog – I’ve been unable to find Deadly Apples version of the song anywhere on the internet. Please leave a comment if you know the location of their song.

Don’t fret Euphonic Dissonance fans – the life of our version of the song is far from over. I felt rushed in creating the mix of this song because we waited until the last minute and were up against a deadline. I think the song can be vastly improved and maybe included on the upcoming Tech Messiah album. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or perhaps re-released when the FIX movie comes out. Also cool. Who knows what will happen but you can expect to hear this song again and it will improve. Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep may still find a higher place in the progressive industrial works of Euphonic Dissonance. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Feb15, 2011 – Tunecore has posted a blog on the winners and there is a link to the Deadly Apples version of the song there. CLICK HERE to check it out.


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Vaccinations : Really Zombie Mind Control

by on Jan.20, 2011, under MUSIC, POLITICS, TECH MESSIAH

Ask yourself the following question: Is it possible that a secret organization might be trying to reprogram your internal matrix by adding nanotechnology to your vaccinations and flu shots? Could that ever happen?

swallow your brainwashing nanotech pill

No! Sounds silly doesn’t it? But then you start to think about how the FDA keeps failing the american people and you begin to wonder. You look at the destroyed economy – the world collapsing around you – driving by so many empty buildings – entire towns looking like desolate zombie wastelands. When will this madness end??!!! And then you start to think it just might be possible – someone could place subtle messages delivered to our lazy human brains inside a syringe allowing it to be injected directly into our bodies via the common flu shot. The flu shot that the media keeps telling you is absolutely essential for your survival. Why are they in such a hurry? What’s their motivation?

And then the birds begin to fall from the sky – dead!!! And then the fish. And then you read this…

From The Bohol Standard Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

WARNING: Drug Cartel behind spread of HINI Virus?

**World leading drug-industry investigators have uncovered stunning documents proving an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, America’s leading consumer health expert, and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released shocking proof in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind everything you ever heard about pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence powerful industrialists are operating a crime ring within the “Partnership for New York City ” (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions seen everywhere from supermarkets to health clinics.**

And then you stop and realize that the war has already begun. The Tech Messiah is inside of everyone. Anyone who has received a inoculation or injection of any kind can now be remapped – redesigned – reprogrammed. They can be turned into Nano Controlled Zombies at the flip of a switch.

Scary, huh? Let’s all take a moment to relax – sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of progressive industrial band Euphonic Dissonance. Now take a deep breath –  try to focus – cause we gotta get more ammo before the zombies arrive.


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Euphonic Dissonance brings progressive industrial music to ReverbNation

by on Jan.19, 2011, under MUSIC, UPDATES

Euphonic Dissonance is opening up more ways to keep their fans updated. You can now find us on This dandy little site provides musicians with the ability to spam the crap out of anyone – anywhere on the internet. It’s the one stop internet advertisement shop for the musician with access to facebook, twitter, myspace, wordpress, yahoo, blogger and more. Post one update and it goes to all your different sites – all at the same time. No more jumping from site to site trying to figure out their weird individual quirks. This seems to be a recent trend amongst websites designed for musicians and we gotta say – we like where it’s going.


We’ve already found some great new music on this site. Discovered Bang Bang Rouge on ReverbNation.

Electronica/Dance / Industrial / Rock bang bang rouge

This industrial, electronic dance group is quite good. You should really give them a listen. Some tracks are reminiscent of Portishead. It’s really great stuff.

Give us a visit at ReverbNation and tell us what you think of our new home. Thanks and we love you all.



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New Updated Song Lyrics for CONTAGION – a song about zombies

by on Jan.13, 2011, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian brings us a new Euphonic Dissonance song in the works – – –

Well, it’s almost finished. The song lyrics for our zombie anthem are almost finished. Sarah will be adding her part to this song and then the lyrics will be complete. We’re all excited to see what she produces. Once this is completed we can move on to recording the vocals. Those of you that are fans of the zombie genre (i.e. – The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Dawn Of The Dead, Dead Rising) – you are going to love this song.

flaming zombie - 28 days later

This song’s lyrics are more akin to 28 Days Later because in our story it’s all about a weird infectious disease spreading through the population and turning them into zombies – but there’s a twist – and we’re not gonna tell you exactly what it is just yet. Care to venture a guess?

Here are the lyrics to date. The song is now properly called CONTAGION.

CONTAGION (unfinished)
(previously titled Zombie Song or ZippityZipZip)

©2011 – Euphonic Dissonance / Aromatone Records


A pattern of unusual illness
The news warned us
No one listened
A communicable disease they said
Person to person they said
Fluid – skin – inhalation they said
Symptoms within ten minutes
We’ve gotta get out of here
Full infestation in fifteen
Gotta get out of here
Spread of contamination
Rise in investigation
Fever, fatigue, cough, chest pain
Then you change
It’s happening everywhere
A nationwide scare
Bioelectric robotic microsurgery
Nano-machines in living cells
And I don’t want to change
Don’t want to be one of those things


Pack food, water, supplies
They run fast
Gotta keep it light
Only the things we need to survive
Flashlight, first aid kit, army knife
Lots of guns and ammo
Maybe steal us a sweet ride
Batteries and hand crank radio
Gotta stay alive
Mostly travel at night
Sneak around
Stay out of sight
We should have seen this coming
Should have seen the signs
Many gave themselves freely
To be redesigned
With promises of better lifestyle
Better health
Better living
We took it all in stride
Now we struggle to survive
Civilization takes a dive
Afraid I’m losing my mind
They try to get in from the outside
Move to higher ground
Find a place to hide
Hermetical seal
Board up the windows
Lock ourselves inside
Synthetic technology
Reprogram your thinking
Oh babe, I don’t want to change
Don’t want to be one of those things


Let’s get out
Before they shut down this town
Witness societies breakdown
Sick people line the streets
People kill for something to eat
Don’t stop moving
Constant threat
Point and click
Either them or us
Keep your eyes open
Look for signs – symptoms
Computer controlled dosing
Reprogram thinking
Alterations of the mind
Remove some of the safeties
Out of our senses
Now out of control
Our creation destroys us
And rightfully so
Bioelectric robotic implant
Nano-machines inside
And I don’t want to change
Don’t want to be one of those things


I’m on fire
And this city will burn

Well, there you have it. The almost finished lyrics for Euphonic Dissonance’s new zombie anthem. Please, leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

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