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Defend Your Internet Rights

by on Oct.03, 2011, under MOVIES | TELEVISION, MUSIC, POLITICS

The government (conspiring with big business) are constantly plotting ways to control the free enterprise of the internet and Euphonic Dissonance will be there to fight them every step of the way. We enjoy the ability to bring you new music downloads and it would be a shame if government restrictions kept us from continuing this. There is strength in numbers and we need your help to fight the good fight. Corporate hardliners in the Senate are rushing to push through a measure to give phone and cable companies absolute, unrestricted power over the Internet.

net neutrality threatened

Called a “resolution of disapproval,” this measure would destroy all existing Net Neutrality protections and strip the FCC of its authority to protect Internet users – letting companies block our right to speak freely, connect with one another and share information on the Internet. If we can get just 51 votes in the Senate it will stop this free speech-killing measure in its tracks. We’re asking you to take action now to stand up for online freedom by letting your senators know you don’t support S.J. Resolution 6. The resolution would enable phone and cable giants like Comcast and Verizon to restrict access to competitive video services, mobile applications and other innovative services.

We love the ability to bring our fans new songs for download and we hope to provide you with more video in the future but actions by our government threaten our chances of providing you with all that great stuff.

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by on Dec.04, 2010, under POLITICS

Brian of Euphonic Dissonance on FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE INTERNET.

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.
– George Orwell

I can’t believe what I’m seeing unfold in the media. We are finally caught up in the worlds first INTERNET WAR. It’s time to choose a side and it’s not an easy choice to make – especially if you live in America – the frontline of this war. Your choices seem to be hacker Julian Assange – or supporting the United States government and it’s troops. At least that’s the way our government is painting this particular picture. From where I’m standing it looks like a picture of Julian Assange holding a pistol to an American soldier’s head – but there’s something about the picture that just doesn’t look quite right. It’s like it’s been photoshopped – like when people were putting Sarah Palin’s head on the bodies of supermodels.

Or in this case her head superimposed onto random gun toting white trash girl.

The United States of America’s government has launched a witch hunt hate campaign that is sweeping over our country and threatens to destroy freedom of speech on the internet as we know it.

In this corner we have lightweight Julian Assange. An ex-hacker (1987 found guilty of hacking in Australia),  journalist, publisher and internet activist.

And in this corner we have heavyweight contender …. give a big round of applause for ….. THE US GOVERNMENT.

The U.S. government has made it’s first strikes in the form of manipulating businesses to deny wikileaks service (paypal cuts off wikileaks account, wikileaks U.S. server shutdown) and perhaps also manipulating other world governments to take action against wikileaks (France to ban wikilinks, Hillary Clinton calls world leaders to express regret on Wikileaks) and maybe even trumping up rape charges against the founder of wikileaks in Sweden.

Oh, president Obama – you disappoint me. You said you would support internet neutrality….

“President Obama is strongly committed to net neutrality in order to keep an open Internet that fosters investment, innovation, consumer choice, and free speech.” – White House Blog

…and yet when someone comes along and exposes something that might show all the filth and corruption hiding in United States government you’re suddenly just as much a corrupt politician as everyone else in Washington. Thanks for showing who you really are Mr. President.

“WikiLeaks has put at risk not only the cause of human rights but also the lives and work of these individuals. We condemn in the strongest terms the unauthorized disclosure of classified documents and sensitive national security information.’’ — White House

So here we are. The country with an amendment to it’s constitution that ensures a persons freedom of speech and we’re launching hate campaigns that spit on that very amendment. 1st Amendment U.S. constitution

Well, I suppose that Glenn Beck was right. Obama must be a Nazi because now he’s the equivalent of a Nazi book burner in my mind. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you Glenn. It was hard to pay attention after you labeled Obama a racist. That just doesn’t make any damn sense. Did you even rehearse your show that day? What were you thinking? Were you dosing on Limbaugh’s pills or something? And then on top of that you called him a socialist and a communist and who knows what other words with –ist on the end.

The irony of this – it’s mind boggling. America government invents the internet – a canvas for all the world to voice their opinions and practice free speech  – and they end up running in fear of the thing they created when it starts reading their minds and telling all their secrets. They can’t control their creation so now they’ll find anyway they can to kill it. You can’t blame the government for being upset but that doesn’t make them right. They’re trying to convince us all that this is going to kill American soldiers when in reality it really just caused a lot of the Washington diplomats some extra stress while they covered up their lies.

Euphonic Dissonance supports free speech and we support Wikileaks and Julian Assange in his efforts to fight this smear campaign. What America is doing is wrong. We don’t support this gross violation of our constitutions first amendment. The internet made every individual in the world a journalist. There are actually people in Washington trying to argue that Assange isn’t a journalist.

“He is not a journalist. He is not a whistleblower. He is a political actor. He has a political agenda,” State Department spokesman P J Crowley

Well, Mr. Crowley (can’t help but think of Ozzy Osbourne when I say his name) the definition of journalist is …

a : a person engaged in journalism; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium b : a writer who aims at a mass audience
: a person who keeps a journal
… so according to that definition Mr. Assange is a journalist, and come to think of it so are you Mr. Crowley (there it is again), and so am I, and so is anyone who chooses to write a blog because they are a writer who aims at a mass audience. There is no badge or rite of journalism.

America, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a person innocent until proven guilty? Why does everyone suddenly believe that Julian Assange has committed a crime. There is no evidence of this. There is simply a lot of political and media rhetoric that tries desperately to imply a crime was committed. Until America can show solid evidence of wrong doing then we should not be swayed by these political contortionists.

So please don’t fall for the hype America. Let’s all join together and raise our voices and let our leaders know we won’t tolerate them trampling on our constitution. Let’s save free speech and save our internet. Let’s all be the journalists that we can be and post blogs that expose our government for what it truly is. Viva la internet revolution!!!

Thank you fellow American patriots and journalists around the world.

Other ways you can help:
Donate to Wikileaks

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