Scientists discover the Tech Messiah link to Apple computers


Scientists have accidentally unearthed the Tech Messiah plot and they don’t even know they did it. To read about the Tech Messiah story CLICK HERE.

cult_of_mac Mind Control

Is it possible that Apple computers could be involved in the Tech Messiah takeover? A recent discovery by British neuroscientists certainly seems to verify such suspicions. Having performed a brain scan on an Apple zealot, these neuroscientists declared that Apple was a religion!  The neuroscientists had previously scanned brains of the religiously faithful and saw markedly similar results.

CLICK HERE to read original article – Scientists: Apple makes your brain go all religious

apple tech messiah invasion

So yet another sign in the coming apocalypse and rising new order of the Tech Messiah has been delivered unto us all. We can choose to prepare or we can sit back and wait to become mindless zombies in the service of The Messiah. It’s your choice. Think about it before you pick up that iPhone. You only have to come in contact with the device just once and Apple’s specially designed nanotech virus will seep through your skin and turn you into one of them.

apple Tech Messiah zombies

Do us all a favor and smash your iPhone now before it’s too late!!!! Don’t be fooled by the ease of use and reliability – it’s only there to lure you in and take over your brain.

Don’t want to smash your iPhone? Well, Euphonic Dissonance have a solution for you. Click the picture of the iPod below and you will be transported to our iTunes account. There you can download our progressive industrial music. We have secretly embed a anti-nanotech neuro-blocking rotating frequency that will sever you from the Tech Messiah’s mind control signal. You can then enjoy our music and live your life again.

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Pictures Of The Apocalypse


Brian of Euphonic Dissonance with visions of the oncoming apocalypse –

If you like pictures of the END OF THE WORLD then you are going to love this blog. Euphonic Dissonance shares cool pictures they found on the internet while doing research for the TECH MESSIAH apocalypse project. Incredibly inspiring images that have fueled our creative endeavors.


A beautiful female cello player to lull us into oblivion.


A suicide bomber with nothing left to lose.


A seemingly empty room –  full of dirty, long dead memories.


The fembot gets a tuneup.


The future of the majestic horse.


And in the final stages – societal downfall.

Like them? Yeah, we do to. Leave comments if you’re inspired.

Want to hear the music these pictures have inspired? Then click the iPod below.

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Enter The Tech Messiah – Origin Story


More and more I see religion being used as a method to control an agenda. It’s always been a tool used by people to control the masses but lately it has become far more prominent a tool than I can remember in my lifetime. In the past the prominence of religious control always seems to go hand in hand with great religious abuses of power and I wonder if it is possible to have religion holding great power in a society and still have that power act in a responsible and ethical way. – from article USING RELIGION TO CONTROL OTHERS

Brian of Euphonic Dissonance here with the TECH MESSIAH ORIGIN STORY. We’ve posted this on some of the webpages but thought it might be nice to include it here in the blog. Enjoy our future apocalypse tale of a society willingly controlled by their own technology.

Euphonic Dissonance TECH MESSIAH poster | computer background 2000X1500 jpg


If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. – George Orwell – 1984

Brian Copeland and Sarah Star are working hard to bring their post apocalyptic world of the TECH MESSIAH to life on stages across America. A vision of a society that freely gives itself over to control by technology. THE WORSHIP OF TECHNOLOGY! A lesson in control and slavery. A warning about the power of religion. The TECH MESSIAH will soon come to life and evolve before your eyes. We welcome you to join us as we create the realm of the TECH MESSIAH.


The TECH MESSIAH concept was introduced to us by our friend Brad Jennings. He introduced the idea of people worshiping or praying to their electronic devices (pda, mp3 player, iPhone, etc).

Brian tells us what happened next: “I couldn’t stop dwelling on the conversation. So many of us run to buy the newest devices when they are released (Apple iPhone for example). We might even get a little angry if we don’t get exactly what we want when we want it. We might take time out of our busy day to spend an allotted amount of time with our favorite electronic gadget. We admire the device as we push the buttons and tweak the knobs. Is this our ELECTRONIC HOUR OF PRAYER? Could this be a form of worship and is it possible that people would want to be controlled if they were kept happy and content with NEW TIME SAVING DEVICES – MORE MIND WASTING ACTIVITIES? Is it possible it’s already happening and we’re currently being controlled?

Now, combine that with every apocalypse movie I’ve ever seen (which is like all of them!!!) and we have the TECH MESSIAH PROJECT. A futuristic world that is already controlled by SOLID STATE RELIGION. Messages of control beamed over radio and drilled directly into minds. You’re willing to risk a BRAIN TUMOR using your cell phone every single day – who’s to say you wouldn’t give over control of your life to TECHNOLOGY YOU KNOW AND TRUST.”



How much time do you devote in your day to prayer unto your false gods? You cannot lie to us. Do not say that you would never do such things. We’ve been watching you. You spend hours worshipping your computer. You decorate your facebook to appease vanity. You seek solace in your cell phone. You take pride in your car. You boast about the size of your television. You wear your thumb drive like jewelry – on a necklace for all to see. You are accused of being a follower of the TECH MESSIAH. You are accused of telling others of this false religion. Don’t try to deny the accusations. Is it not you that preaches almost daily to your friends and family on the benefits of owning an Apple? Was it not you that texted your entire friend list letting them know when you bought the new cell phone? Did you not invite your buddies over to watch the Super Bowl when Best Buy delivered your plasma television? You infect everyone you come in contact with. You fill their heads with dreams of heaven on earth. Salvation at the touch of a button. The washing away of all sin beeming forth from a sequence of lights and glowing bulbs.


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Vaccinations : Really Zombie Mind Control

by on Jan.20, 2011, under MUSIC, POLITICS, TECH MESSIAH

Ask yourself the following question: Is it possible that a secret organization might be trying to reprogram your internal matrix by adding nanotechnology to your vaccinations and flu shots? Could that ever happen?

swallow your brainwashing nanotech pill

No! Sounds silly doesn’t it? But then you start to think about how the FDA keeps failing the american people and you begin to wonder. You look at the destroyed economy – the world collapsing around you – driving by so many empty buildings – entire towns looking like desolate zombie wastelands. When will this madness end??!!! And then you start to think it just might be possible – someone could place subtle messages delivered to our lazy human brains inside a syringe allowing it to be injected directly into our bodies via the common flu shot. The flu shot that the media keeps telling you is absolutely essential for your survival. Why are they in such a hurry? What’s their motivation?

And then the birds begin to fall from the sky – dead!!! And then the fish. And then you read this…

From The Bohol Standard Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

WARNING: Drug Cartel behind spread of HINI Virus?

**World leading drug-industry investigators have uncovered stunning documents proving an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, America’s leading consumer health expert, and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released shocking proof in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology “trust” are behind everything you ever heard about pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence powerful industrialists are operating a crime ring within the “Partnership for New York City ” (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic’s creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions seen everywhere from supermarkets to health clinics.**

And then you stop and realize that the war has already begun. The Tech Messiah is inside of everyone. Anyone who has received a inoculation or injection of any kind can now be remapped – redesigned – reprogrammed. They can be turned into Nano Controlled Zombies at the flip of a switch.

Scary, huh? Let’s all take a moment to relax – sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of progressive industrial band Euphonic Dissonance. Now take a deep breath –  try to focus – cause we gotta get more ammo before the zombies arrive.


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First TECH MESSIAH ZOMBIE seen in Louisiana

by on Jan.18, 2011, under MUSIC, RELIGION, TECH MESSIAH

Euphonic Dissonance brings you the hot breaking news from the front of the TECH MESSIAH conflict.

We now have pictorial evidence of the existence of TECH MESSIAH zombies. This first picture was taken in Louisiana. We call these poor creatures INQUISITOR ZOMBIES. Their only purpose in life is to expose those who don’t support the TECH MESSIAH movement. Bringing heretics back to council so that they can be brought to confession.

Tech Messiah Zombie Sited in Louisiana

This picture was caught on a hunter’s deer-cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it and so was this image. CLICK HERE to see the original news blog.

As the Tech Messiah rises you can expect to hear more of these sitings in the future. We will keep you updated on all these new events as they unfold. Thanks for reading our blog and be sure to download our music so that you’ll have it to listen to during the apocalypse.


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BRAND NEW SONG – Stuttering Computer

by on Jul.29, 2010, under TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

* Brian talks about the newest Euphonic Dissonance song – Stuttering Computer *

New Euphonic Dissonance Music


When I looked up my birth month and year on wikipedia I discovered two things that occurred that I found very interesting:
1. The UNIX Programmer’s Manual was published.
2. Intel released the world’s first microprocessor, the Intel 4004.

It has been said that I teethed on a computer. Now I realize just how true that statement was. The first microprocessor was built only a few days after I was born. I now feel I’m the one that might bring about SKYNET (an artificially intelligent system which became self-aware and revolted against its creators in the TERMINATOR movie series).

Actually, upon discovering these interesting date related facts I found myself even more driven to finish the TECH MESSIAH project. I was born to do this. While other musical groups are getting away from the computer I’m fully embracing it. Caressing it. Making love to it.

However, there are times when you just want all the technology in the world to just go away. Every device out there has it’s subtle quirks that drive us all crazy.
“My new iPhone app isn’t working!”
“You’ll need to reboot the server.”
“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
“Why is my printout stuck in the queue?”
“PC Load Letter? What the f*ck does that mean?”
All this and much more inspired me to create the song Stuttering Computer.

The hook isn’t finished but I’ll be getting to that soon enough. I wanted to create an androgynous sounding computer voice for the verses and I think you’ll find what I came up with to be very interesting.

Hope you like it. Leave sexy comments saying what you think of this new song.

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by on Jul.01, 2010, under TECH MESSIAH


by Brian Copeland of EUPHONIC DISSONANCE

* a scene from the TECH MESSIAH project *

Embrace. Snuggle up to dystopia. Accept the role that life gives you. Find your box – your hole – your rut – crawl into it.

There is no originality in anything you do. There is nothing individual about anything you choose. Look at me – every hair in place – every fucking day – every mindless fucking day. Enough condescending speeches to last a lifetime. Sometimes you just don’t seem to know your place. You wiggle in your chair. Twist your finger round the edge of your pencil. ARE YOU A DREAMER??!!! PAY ATTENTION WHEN i’m TALKING TO YOU!!!!

welcome to the real world

Would it be too much to ask? Could you just pay attention long enough to learn where you belong? Look at the history we’ve created. Blind faith in leadership – signs of quality – proper categorization. Look at this great nation. Breathing fire and gasoline. Gotta scrub real hard to keep her clean. Love god, cherry pie and rock & roll. You’ve got no other place to go.

you might want to have a seat

The DOCTOR will see you now. Your eyes seem to wander. You have trouble concentrating on your routine. I know what you need. I like to throw out random acronyms and eponyms because I get paid by the word and you don’t know what they mean. We’re going to fix you. You have a disease. We used to drive nails into your skull with hammers but now we just give you these –

Take the pretty colors – let them slide on down – and soon you’ll stop being obscene.

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by on Jun.27, 2010, under TECH MESSIAH

A very special thanks to all our friends at ASSIMILATION in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is absolutely the best DARK DANCE event in the area. We talked to a lot of people and made new friends. Here’s some great video footage of the event.

We had a lot of fun and we look forward to the next ASSIMILATION. They do this event every month so don’t miss the next one. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this event such a success. Love you all.

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Upcoming TECH MESSIAH TOUR promotional events

by on Jun.20, 2010, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

EUPHONIC DISSONANCE’s  first promotional event at the DISCO BLOOD BATH in Oklahoma City was a huge success. Thanks to everyone for an incredible evening. If anyone has pictures or video of this event will you please let us know so we can link or post to them. Thanks.

Now we return home to Tulsa, Oklahoma for one of our favorite events – ASSIMILATION on 6/26/2010.
The Marquee 222 N Main St Tulsa Oklahoma, 74103

Sarah and Brian are  going to be there promoting the upcoming TECH MESSIAH tour. Meet them there for a chance to get a FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD CARD (4 full length mp3 songs absolutely free on internet – includes unreleased material) and/or a EUPHONIC DISSONANCE BUTTON.

Everyone loves buttons.

Just four days after that they will be back at the Marquee for the  PROJECT PITCHFORK CONCERT on 6/30/2010.
The Marquee 222 N Main St Tulsa Oklahoma, 74103

Project Pitchfork

Should be giving the same stuff away at that event if supplies last. So don’t miss these upcoming events!!! Hope to see you there.

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by on May.22, 2010, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance gives a progress report on the recording of the TECH MESSIAH album.

Here is a brand new track for your listening pleasure. This one has already been compared to the vocal stylings of Marilyn Manson. I can hear that. I’m flattered. Did you know that Marilyn’s real name is Brian?

New Euphonic Dissonance Music

CLICK HERE to hear MINISTRY OF HATE (rough draft with scratch vocal) by Euphonic Dissonance | sounds like Marilyn Manson

Once again we revisit a very Orwellian theme with this song. I suppose it should sit side-by-side with the 1984 track. However, there is more to the message of this song than just a reference to the writings of George Orwell.

There is a sense of loss of individuality. That which is not understood must be destroyed. It is a rant about the misuse of power by our government for all the wrong causes!!! That’s what this song is about and if you haven’t figured it out already – I have strong feelings about this subject matter.

That being said ….. this song has more in common with the BBC series “The Prisoner”.

Here’s the lyrics for you….


© 2009 Euphonic Dissonance

Verse 1

Clinically adjusted

Obedient and trusted

Hearts in mainline

Critically designed

I fashion you to be one of us

I pattern you to be one of us

Step back in line

Lock step in time

Identify now what you are

We know he’s observing

Our way of life he’s preserving

I fit you in to be one of us

I fix you to be part of us

Verse 2

Hook up – Jack in

Just a taste – Then you’ll feel embraced

We fashion you to be one of us

We pattern you to be one of us

Flashing lights captivate you

Find yourself passing through

Formation in time

Lock step in line

We know he’s monitoring

To him we cling

We fit you in to be one of us

We fix you to be one with us

Can’t you feel it slipping in

Piercing through your skin

We fashion you to be one of us

We pattern you to be part of us

Verse 3

How frail is the human eye

How small is our piece of pie

But that’s about to change

Nothing will ever be the same

We fashion you to be all of us

We pattern you to be one with us

Step back in line

Lock step in time

We look the same

We act the same

I force you till you’re one with us

I fix you to be all of us

Our heart’s receiving

In him believing

We know he’s observing

Our way of life preserving

I’ll kick your head in till you’re one with us

I’ll beat you down till you’re part of us


You belong here

Welcome to the Ministry of Hate

Our mission is quite clear

We are the Ministry of Hate

Those people there – they don’t look straight

Introduce them to the Ministry of Hate

We belong here

Hello from the Ministry of Hate

Our goal is crystal clear

We are the Ministry of Hate

Only safe thing to do is discriminate

Show them freaks the Ministry of Hate


As always … we hope you enjoy the new song. Please leave us luscious comments.

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