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Winner of the Ministry – Psalm 69 Remake Contest is ….


Brian of Euphonic Dissonance with news on the results of the Ministry|Tunecore|Fix – Remake Psalm 69 Contest ….

The winners for the Ministry|Tunecore|Fix – Remake Psalm 69 Contest have been announced and sorry to say it’s not Euphonic Dissonance. Yeah, I know –  bummer huh? It’s okay though. We were so excited to be able to work on the music of this impressive industrial rock band. Ministry defines industrial rock and we can’t wait to see the new documentary movie when it comes out in theaters.

69 Psalmpled | Voltergeist

So who won? The prize – be featured on Fix: The Ministry Movie soundtrack  — goes to  — BOTH Deadly Apples from Canada and Voltergeist from Scotland. Wow, we only expected one band to win but they throw us this crazy curveball. Two bands will be featured on the album. Voltergeist’s take on the song is titled 69 Psalmpled. This half-time dub stomper will lull you off into a world where the sheeple happily accept their fate. It’s quite an entrancingly dark track. Great work Voltergeist.

Unfortunately, at the time of posting this blog – I’ve been unable to find Deadly Apples version of the song anywhere on the internet. Please leave a comment if you know the location of their song.

Don’t fret Euphonic Dissonance fans – the life of our version of the song is far from over. I felt rushed in creating the mix of this song because we waited until the last minute and were up against a deadline. I think the song can be vastly improved and maybe included on the upcoming Tech Messiah album. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or perhaps re-released when the FIX movie comes out. Also cool. Who knows what will happen but you can expect to hear this song again and it will improve. Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep may still find a higher place in the progressive industrial works of Euphonic Dissonance. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Feb15, 2011 – Tunecore has posted a blog on the winners and there is a link to the Deadly Apples version of the song there. CLICK HERE to check it out.


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Psalm 69 Ad Campaign launch and Link to Euphonic Dissonance Website

by on Jan.06, 2011, under MUSIC, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES


Euphonic Dissonance rolls out their new promo campaign for the Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep song. We recently had the opportunity to work on this phenomenal track originally recorded by industrial music giants Ministry.

Our digital music distribution website of choice is a website called Tunecore.com. We like it there. It’s cozy and you can warm your feet next to their virtual fire. Plus, they allow Euphonic Dissonance to distribute music to anyone who has access to iTunes, Amazon, MySpace Music, eMusic, Napster (who still uses Napster?) – yeah, lots of kick ass sites.

Welly well, Tunecore decides to have this over-the-top contest where they team-up with Paul Barker from Ministry and release the bass part and all the samples for their hit song Psalm 69. Contestants were encouraged to make the song their own and that’s exactly what we did. Here is our new ad for Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep. Just click on it to be magically moved to iTunes and hear a sample of our new song. Below the picture you will find html code that you can copy and add to your website if you’d like to help us promote this amazing new song. We appreciate the help.

Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance

<a href="http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=S8K5aDbCva0&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fus%252Falbum%252Fpsalm-69-rewired-sheep-feat%252Fid412736329%253Fuo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30" target="itunes_store"><img src="http://euphonicdissonance.net/Psalm%2069%20iTunes%20Single%20Promo.jpg" alt="Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single - Euphonic Dissonance"</a>

And speaking of help … we want to thank Matt Hayes on Facebook for helping improve our performance. Yeah, he’s better than Viagra. Matt asked if he could help promote Euphonic Dissonance and made us realize how unprepared we were for such a request. He’s the reason we wrote this blog and we think he deserves a reward. Matt Hayes on Facebook you are now officially the FIRST PERSON TO RECEIVE A FREE COPY of the song PSALM 69 – REWIRED SHEEP. Hope you like the song. We”ll contact you on Facebook and we’ll work out the details of getting an mp3 sent to you.

And to help you in your quest to promote our music we’re providing you with a banner link to our official webpage below. And again, we’ve place the html code to post the banner on a website directly under the picture. We appreciate all the new friends Matt has introduced us to. Thanks Matt.

<a href="http://www.euphonicdissonance.net"><img src="http://euphonicdissonance.net/euphonic_dissonance_website_ad.jpg" alt="" /></a>

And here is a promotional TECH MESSIAH poster – background – maybe future album cover for everyone to download and do with as they like. Click the image if you want this bad boy in full size. It’s kinda big.

Euphonic Dissonance TECH MESSIAH poster | computer background 2000X1500 jpg

Hope to see that on all the backgrounds of all the laptops at the local Starbucks soon.

Well, everyone have fun in this new year and expect more stuff soon from Progressive Industrial Band – Euphonic Dissonance. Oh, and we’ll even include the html code for the closing blog ad which links to our iTunes general store.

Transitions - Euphonic Dissonance

<a href="http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=S8K5aDbCva0&amp;offerid=146261&amp;type=3&amp;subid=0&amp;tmpid=1826&amp;RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fus%252Falbum%252Ftransitions%252Fid216377251%253Fuo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30" target="itunes_store"><img style="border: 0;" src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v630/kilsbaine/Euphonic%20Dissonance/EDiTunesMoonRock.jpg" alt="Transitions - Euphonic Dissonance" /></a>
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Euphonic Dissonance re-imagines Ministry’s Psalm 69 FINALE

by on Jan.03, 2011, under MUSIC, RELIGION, TECH MESSIAH, UPDATES

Brian brings an update on the re-imagining of Ministry’s Psalm 69 song…

ministry_al jourgasen and paul barker

CLICK HERE to hear a preview of PSALM 69 – REWIRED SHEEP on iTunes
Euphonic Dissonance - Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single

New years eve was a nightmare. I went to bed at about 6am after working on this song all night and then woke up around noon on new years eve to give it a fresh listen and submit the song into the contest. December 31st was the deadline for the contest …. and yes, we waited until the final day to submit the song. We’ll be entering this song into a Tunecore.com contest. Winner will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack for the movie FIX (a documentary on Ministry). Former Ministry bassist Paul Barker will be picking the best song. No pressure – right?

So here it is – DEADLINE DAY – I give the song a listen – make some final tweaks to the mix – and go to submit the song to tunecore / itunes.

Keep in mind folks – I had very little sleep. I somehow missed the part on tunecore’s website where I was supposed to enter  the code ministry. This probably flags the administrator to put your single into the contest. Naturally, upon realizing my mistake, I try to contact tunecore to fix the problem. Unfortunately, it’s new years eve and they are closed. Can’t reach them on the phone or via email and they won’t return until January 3rd. OH NO!!! According to tunecore’s website the contest is judged on January 2nd. Now – I PANIC!!! In my sleep deprived state I panic. After screaming at my computer and getting no response I make a phone call to Sarah and we decided to simply submit the song a second time under a slightly different name. Psalm 69 – ReWired Sheep became Psalm 69 – Sheep ReWired and this time we submitted it into the British iTunes store rather than the American iTunes store (where we submitted originally). This time I actually got the code in and all was good in the world. We lost an extra 10 dollars but it was worth it. A lot of hard work went into this track and I wasn’t willing to give up on an opportunity for Paul Barker to hear our track.

CLICK HERE to hear a preview of PSALM 69 – REWIRED SHEEP on iTunes
Euphonic Dissonance - Psalm 69 - Rewired Sheep (feat. Ministry) - Single

We’re very happy to have had a chance to work on such an amazing song. This has been an experience I won’t soon forget – even if it was an extremely stressful one in the end. I want to thank tunecore.com and Paul Barker of Ministry for giving us this chance. I haven’t found anything on tunecore that says when they will announce the winner of this contest but rest assured we will keep you updated. Wish us luck.

And to our fans – thanks for all your support.


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