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Tinnitus or Whistling Ears

by on Jul.01, 2017, under POETRY | LYRICS

The wind is rushing around and we are carried along on two wheels. Hard to hear any audible sound due to the whooshing sound in our ears. I try to give direction but the words are lost in the deafening breeze. They drift away and begin to mingle amongst the leaves on the trees. A beautiful day in May turned sour by a misunderstanding – not once but twice. At the time I blamed it on the wind but it seems there were underlying things I couldn’t see. Tensions mount as you turn about to follow me trying to bark your disdain into my ear but nature won’t let you through. My dislike with the situation grows and soon I’m as angry as the wind. I command you to be silent as if I have some sort of control over you. I can’t tell you what to do any more than I can the wind. Neither one of you listen. I move ahead – go faster trying to escape the incessant howl.

We finally reach our destination and duck inside finally escaping the blustering air but your brash whining only escalates. I just can’t get away so I storm back outside with only the sound of the natural world at my side. I gather my senses and try to settle down. How did such a wonderful and peaceful day go so awry? After a few minutes of self reflection it’s time to go back inside and apologize. We talk and seemingly work things out but I’m unaware of the pressure that is building underneath. Believing we are okay we part ways. If only I could have seen. If only I’d heard what the wind was telling me.

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