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Brian of Euphonic Dissonance in Missouri Sarah Star of Euphonic Dissonance in Missouri euphonic dissonance moon rock thumbnail Thinking Man Brian in the woods somewhere in Missouri euphonic dissonance live latex concert in basement at Aromatone in Tulsa, Oklahoma thumbnail
Brian of Euphonic Dissonance inside his box built by Geoff Hicks thumbnail singing Brian of Euphonic Dissonance taken at Aromatone thumbnail Sarah Star in the woods somewhere in Missouri Brian of ED at the old Eastland Mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma thumbnail Brian Copeland looking at space
Euphonic Dissonance Logo blue lettering on hazy background Euphonic Dissonance alternative rock Matt's eye with special effect Brian and the ED boombox Sarah Star of Euphonic Dissonance euphonic dissonance looking out over the Arkansas River
Euphonic Dissonance's Brian Copeland captured in a movie frame Brian is ready to pounce on all the unsuspecting Euphonic Dissonance fans Our glorious ED logo - look for it - it will surround you Brian's back in the box again - Geoff Hicks pretty white boxes Euphonic Dissonance screams "die eastland mall!!!! Die!!!"
I'm the man in a box. Brian inside one of Geoff Hicks amazing white boxes. Another ED shower scene. Spock dying of radiation poisoning. Whoa. Retro Euphonic Dissonance design. Circa...a long time ago. It's safe inside Geoff's box. Brian will stay here forever. What you looking at Willis? Matt Houston and Brian Copeland of Euphonic Dissonance
ed logo inside a swirly drink mix Euphonic Dissonance live at the Venue in Tulsa Oklahoma Artistic photo montage of Brian from Euphonic Dissonance. Photo by Eve Alacu.
shower scene with ED / Euphonic Dissonance - washing all the private parts From left to right: Matt Houston, Brian Copeland, Shannon Thomas and Eve Alacu of Asy9 at the Venue in Tulsa, Oklahoma euphonic dissonace logo thumbnail pic of brian of euphonic dissonance at aromatone thumbnail size matt and brian of Euphonic Dissonance river parks Tulsa, Oklahoma

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