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©2006 Euphonic Dissonance | Brian Copeland

Verse 1
They received a signal
A transmission from another time
Is it possible
No that’s obscene
Could he still be alive?
How long’s it been
Some thirty years
How long’s it been
Since he’s been here
Floating through the cosmos in his little machine
Starlight in his eyes
And darkness in his dreams
He felt – He felt so alive
Worlds keep spinning
Suns collide
And the earth looks so good to his old eyes

There is no black and white
You never tried to see inside
Why couldn’t you read my mind?
Why didn’t you see it?
There is no black and white
The difference between day and night
And there is no f**king gray
I can’t wait another day

Verse 2
Better call the old lady
Let her know he’s coming home
Didn’t she remarry?
I don’t care – just get her on the damn phone
An old crusty voice picks up the line
Old crusty memories of much better times
Can’t believe the impossible
It simply isn’t plausible
Atmospheric friction
Firey red hot
Shooting through the envelope and giving off sparks
Lighting up the night sky
With his own fireworks
Splashdown in wet – seductive water
Swimming in the womb
Safe inside the womb

Verse 3
General Richardson steps to it
Opens the door and waits
For a sign of life
The wife stands in waiting
Signs of time are slowly fading
He reaches out his hand
It’s good to have you back – Major Tom
You’ve been away so long
Her eyes are liquid crimson drops
Not much has changed since you took off.

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