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© 2006 Euphonic Dissonance | Brian Copeland

Everything goes in circles
What comes around goes around & around again
We’ve seen it all before
Always wish for something more
Everything works in cycles
What comes around takes a turn for the worst again
All of this has been played out
We all travel the same route

Flash in – Flash out
The moment is gone – leaves us filled with doubt
Intensity is hard to find
Usually left feeling shallow and dry
Lurking in the corners
Must be something fresh – new
We keep looking
Feeling empty

Force-fed with ideas
History has no meaning
Live in the here and now
Live for the moment
Pass the time visualizing foolish ideals
Time passes by
And I wonder why we always try
To find something fresh and new

When there’s nothing left to do
This place in time is fleeting
Focus on the moment
Best to enjoy it
History is repeating
But what’s gone before has lost it’s meaning
It’s all been rattled out
Shaken up and turned about

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