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© 2006 Brian Copeland | Euphonic Dissonance

Verse 1

I look at you
You look at me
And I like what I see
You’re the perfect one
You’re the only one for me

Okay babe; get down on your knees
Cause I’ve got what you need
I’m make you bleed
I’ll watch you bleed
Bow down to me

Verse 2

It’s not romantic preoccupation
That causes these sensations
I know what I like
I know what I like
Got to have what I like

Believe me the pain is only temporary
It will pass to waves of pleasure
Now you belong to me
You belong to me
You will serve me

Verse 3

Don’t struggle my child
Please don’t fight
I’ll take care of you through the night
I’m going to make you
Only after I break you
I’m going to make everything all right

It’s over now
Rest here in my arms
I’ll keep you safe from all harm
I’ll lull you to sleep
Rock you to sleep
Down in the deep


Concentrating on
Mind is focused on
Can’t help but dwell upon

Constantly watching you
I will possess you
Mind plays tricks because of you


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