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© 2006 Euphonic Dissonance | Brian Copeland

Verse 1

And as they wish for broken dreams
They cannot see your clever schemes
You climb to heights they’ll never see
When you grace the stage

All of their eyes on you
(focusing and worshipping)
The crowd is silent – it doesn’t move
(and you mystify)

Pushing through – rising up
Can’t stop ‘till you reach the top
You may stumble – collapse – exhaustion
Fall down – pick yourself up
Dust away disbelief
Smothered in comfortable relief

Verse 2

The stress and the strain
Constantly pushing to be better
To improve – to sparkle
Pressure to perform – mounting
Maintaining image – perpetuate beauty
Rushing forward – push it out
Push it hard – grind it down
Belt it out over the flow
Unwind – let loose
You’ll be pampered – perfected
Treated like a prima donna

Verse 3

You’re from the soul but the critics criticize
F*** the critics – what they say
Doesn’t matter anyway
In your digital destruction their ears will bleed with love
Eyes glaze over with lust
You mold them – make them feel
Pleasure & pain – hatred & desire
Hold them tight – drive them
To life
To suicide
To kill
To sex
To excess
To drugs
To alcohol
They crave only you
Long for you
To grace the stage


And as you rise about the world
Everything encircles you
And you look at all the people
Beneath you
And the ones that crushed your dreams
They’re torn apart at the seems
Wanting to be near you


Light illuminates
Your eyes captivate
Your words are lifeblood
You impact – influence
They hang upon everything you say and do
Each and ever time you grace the stage
Butterflies swell up – stomach in knots
Adrenaline rush – makes you high
To captivate every mind
They crave only you
Long for you – want to be you
When you grace the stage

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