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©2008 Euphonic Dissonance | Aromatone Records


Maybe it’s my imagination but I feel like everything is working against me
Everyone is busy plotting my demise – they’re all part of a giant conspiracy
And overhead you can see a big black cloud that constantly follows me
Pouring down deep, dark rain on everything – everywhere I go

But you – you help me focus on something other than the rain
In all of this – the constant storm – you help me see what I’ve missed before
You’re a beacon of light in the center of my night and you calm me

Perhaps it’s just me but sometimes I think that nothing seems to ever work out for me
It’s a steep uphill climb and all I have to grasp is loose sediment – I’m slipping
Straining against the flow – I’m trying to break out of the mold – but they don’t see
They only try to drag me down and I won’t go – no I won’t let them take me

But you – you’re always there to pull me up in my struggle to prevail
In all of this – you comfort me and save me from the fall
You’re the bowline that secures me – you hold me tight – you soothe me

So I filter through all my paranoia to try to find the hope that eludes me
I grab hold and push aside all these things that collect to confuse me
The dark cumulus disperses – the fog finally lifts and the floods recede
Now I can reach my goals – they were here all along in front of me

And you – you were there through all the trials I’ve endured
In all these things you’ve been there to pull me from the waters and breath life into me again

You’re the driftwood that keeps me afloat – your hand in mine – you tranquilize me


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